Wisdom teeth: facts and remedies

A lot of people get wisdom teeth during their teens. However, there are some exceptions to this as well. A lot of the people have been reported who got wisdom teeth during later part of their life. Wisdom teeth are found at the back of the mouth. More precisely, they are located at the right back of the human mouth. In fact, the wisdom teeth are a set of four teeth which are the last to grow.wisdom-teeth

A lot of the people suffer problems due to the growth of the wisdom teeth. This can be justified by the location of the adjacent teeth. Observations have shown that a lot of the times, the wisdom teeth are unable to find enough space to grow properly. This result in the sideways growth of the teeth and thus people suffer infections and other chronic pains. Moreover, the wisdom tooth ruins all the orthodontic work that one might have done on one’s teeth. Therefore, it is generally preferred that one should get the wisdom teeth removed to avoid dreadful pain and discomfort.

A question arises in the mind of everyoness. Is the removal of the wisdom tooth, a big deal? Can life not go normally if one retains this tooth? Well, the answer is simple. A lot of people have suffered chronic pain as a result of the teeth. Such pain deteriorates your health. Thus, if one is suffering from persistent pain, then it is strongly recommended that he gets his teeth removed. This will of course, remove the pain from your life and moreover, get your life back on track. The procedure is painful and the mouth might swell for a day or two. However, the dental surgery has everlasting positive effects and thus, one should not think about the pain before getting the surgery done. Moreover, the dentists in the modern times are specially trained to deal with the human physic. Thus, they are sympathetic and they do everything to remove the patient’s fears about the respective surgery. The dentists are, moreover highly trained and know what they are doing. Thus, the surgery is quick and efficient.

A lot of the times, the removal of the wisdom teeth is a straightforward process for the dentist as he’s a trained professional.  Moreover, the dentist will prescribe best medicines available in the market and thus, the patient will soon achieve permanent relieve.

The recovery time from the surgery is relative. Some people recover very fairly quickly while others take some time to get over the pain. However, almost everyone has to suffer up to 2 to 3 days of severe pain. The patient should not take any medicine that the doctor has not prescribed him. Moreover, following the instructions of the doctor is vital in recovering quickly and effectively. A lot of the people tend to use pain killers such as aspirin to get over the pain of the surgery. However, such action should not be taken unless prescribed by the doctor. This is because cases have been seen where the patient has suffered from bleeding after using such pain killers. Some of the common precautionary measures that one should take after the surgery are listed below.

  • Beverages are not allowed until you fully recover. This includes hot as well as cold ones. However, there is more emphasis on the hot ones. Even if the person decides to take one, he should only take small sips. Moreover, eating soft food is vital to recovery as well.
  • Keep away from smoking cigarettes and drinking.
  • Rinsing the mouth gets the swelled portion of the mouth in direct contact with fresh water which is not good while recovery. Moreover, avoid spitting. Workout is not a problem. However, don’t overload yourself.

We have mentioned above that the dentists that perform such an activity are trained and know what they are doing. However, the surgery can have a lot of complications as well.

  • The person might suffer from bleeding after the surgery. This is generally common after such a surgery. However, it is not good if the bleeding persists for a long time.
  • During the surgery, the patient has to keep his mouth open. This can cause a problem called trismus. As a result, the patient is unable to open his mouth completely for a long time. However, the problem is not a big one as the patient overcomes it after sometime.
  • Another problem that occurs as a result of the respective surgery is known as dry socket. After the removal of the teeth, the patient usually suffers pain at the tooth extraction point. Moreover, this pain can be increased if one smokes or sneezes too heavily. This is because of the fact that the mouth muscles are used enormously during the process. Sometimes, the patient has to even visit the doctor to get his problems sorted out.

The teeth extraction is necessary for a lot of people. The patient will suffer from a lot of pain as a result of such surgery. However, the wound will soon heal if he follows the doctor’s prescription.


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