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How to Choose the Best Mouthwash for Your Needs

With so many products available on the market nowadays, it has become quite difficult to find the one product that is best for you. The best mouthwash products are rated according to their ingredients and the health concern each ingredient implies. Based on these, a product may pose low, medium or high health concerns. In addition, any regulatory restrictions or third-party certifications are taken into account as well.

According to the ADA, bacteria-fighting mouthwash, combined with proper brushing and flossing, can significantly reduce bacteria in dental plaque, therefore helping you prevent gum disease. Consequently, choosing the best mouthwash will do far more than just freshening your breath. A fluoride mouth rinse, for instance, will help prevent and reduce tooth decay. Take into account, however, that such products may contain alcohol, making them inappropriate for children under six years of age due to the risk of swallowing the rinse.

Depending on what do you need the product for, your dentist or hygienist can recommend the best mouthwash for you. For instance, if you just want to freshen up you breath, a breath spray or breath drops will do the trick. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol, which is very drying to the oral tissue. If you are already taking medications that dry your mouth, this would be of particular concern.

Moreover, if a trip to the dentist informs you that you have gingivitis, then you should opt for a mouthwash that contains essential oils, as these may help kill the bacteria responsible for the gingivitis. Again, however, these contain alcohol.

If you don’t have such dental issues, but still want to use mouthwash just for the sake of it, opt for one that contains fluoride. A fluoride mouthwash is extremely beneficial to re-building weakened enamel and is safe to use by anyone able to spit it out. Still, make sure to read the directions, as it is time-sensitive.

Lastly, there is also a difference between the generic and name brand mouthwashes when it comes to the price tag. The list of ingredients is often identical and even the bottle looks virtually the same, but the price gap also reflects the amount of money spent on research. It is the findings of such research that lead to the best mouthwash for your care. Paying extra for a brand-name mouthwash usually means opting for a thoroughly researched product. Consult your dentist or hygienist to determine which type of product is recommended for you and make an educated choice.

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