Easy Ways To Remove Nasal Congestion

Young Man with a ColdStuffy nose is a very common problem that many people may face several times in a year and in most of the situation we need not to pay any attention to this. However, if this problem increases beyond certain limits, then we have to take some solution for this and following are few tips that can tell you how to get rid of a stuffy nose easily.

Steam: If you have a room humidifier you can run it at night and you will be able to get some great relief in your stuffy nose problem. Other than this, you can also run a hot shower with closed doors and you can sit in this steam for ten to 15 minute. Also, you can add some eucalypts oil in a hot water pot and you and you can take the steam from this pot and this moist air can help you to get rid of stuffy nose.

Warm Water and salt: This is probably the best way to get rid of stuffy nose. Many ear and nose specialists also recommend this solution for stuffy nose and it is a home remedy so you don’t have to worry about any expense or side-effects as well. In this method you can add a pinch of sea salt in one tsp water and you drip it from your nose. Salt will dissolve all the mucous and water will easily remove it from your nose and you will be able to breathe easily. Also, you can gargle with salt water and it will also help you because salt water will kill the bacteria and it can stop your stuffy nose as well.

Drink Hot beverages: Hot beverages like hot chocolates, tea or coffee can also help you to get relaxation with your running nose. So, you can drink a lot of tea, coffee or other hot beverages during your winter and you will surely get some good result from it.

Avoid Smoking and perfumes: The smoke of tobacco can irritate the respiratory cavity and you may find it very difficult to breath in such situation, so if you have runny nose and smoking habit, then it is suggested that you should not smoke until you are completely well. Also, avoid all kind of perfumes because it can do the same negative effect on nostrils and you may not feel good in your running nose situation, so try to avoid perfume as well.

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