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Nutrition Pyramid 2012 – Changing The Way You Look At Food

The nutrition pyramid 2012 looks very different than the one we have grown accustomed to for the past twenty years. Most of us grew up looking at the multicolored pyramid, listing the many servings a day of each food group, and trying to decide just how to figure out the confusing mess. Carbohydrates were of the highest priority and fats were almost non-existent. Fruits and vegetables were to be consumed but in smaller amounts. After twenty years of eating this way, is it any wonder why we are all hitting the gym and trying any fad diet to hit the market. Will this new guide help Americans finally beat obesity?

The original food pyramid was introduced to the public in 1992. The public was left confused and unsure of what the right way to eat was and how to use this guide to stay healthy. Americans either gave up completely and ate what they wanted
or followed the old pyramid and had no success staying slim and healthy. This might be why the old pyramid style of eating corresponds with the rise in obesity rates. American obesity is at its highest level yet. The new nutrition pyramid 2012 design makes it easier and very clear on what foods are the best to eat and how much should be on the plate at each meal.
Gone is the confusing pyramid with its colorful sections and replacing it is the new plate shaped icon. The new plate design gives us all the basic food groups and how they are to be proportioned on the plate for a healthier diet. Fruits and vegetables fill half the plate while grains and proteins, or meats, make up the other half. A glass of milk or one serving of dairy completes each meal. We are encouraged to eat more healthy fats and lean meats, including more fish and less red meats. A balanced diet is the key. Instead of eating from the old pyramid design, you can now use the nutrition pyramid 2012 plate design without all the fuss and confusion.

Hopefully, this new design will show the American public how differently they should be eating. If we learn to fill our plates up correctly the first time, we can push ourselves away from the table. It will be easier for parents to teach young children how to eat correctly and give them a good start to a healthy life. To have the most impact, many of us will have to learn to adjust our way of thinking when it comes to food. If we can be open-minded and accept this new change, the next and future generations will see great results by using the nutrition pyramid 2012 design.

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