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Alive Marine Phytoplankton Scam

Marine phytoplankton scam is possibly one of the newest scams in the era of the food supplements. Phytoplankton refers to the lower group of the plant species available and grown in the sea water. It is a common idea even suggested by some of the medical professionals that taking alive marine phytoplankton turns good for health. Even they suggest that it can be used as supplements. Actually, marine phytoplankton can be a good food supplement as they are rich in proteins and some chemicals essential for the normal growth of the body. Now-a-days, it is also suggested as a food supplement for the protein calorie malnutrition patients.

Marine phytoplankton scam refers commonly to the claims by some companies of selling these phytoplankton “alive”. Even, it is being advertised nakedly by these companies. It is now the time to expose the truth that no such things like an “alive” marine phytoplankton exists.

Firstly, the primary aspect of the marine phytoplankton scam is that it can not be alive after getting bottled. It is actually a dead ocean phytoplankton which gets bottled in the can. Thus the claim of more activity of living phytoplankton is not absolutely false, but also making holes in the pockets. No living organism can exist in a sealed bottle after long time.

Secondly, it is preserved in high concentration salt solutions. The marine phytoplankton may not be injurious for the health, but the salt concentration they use is extremely detrimental for our nervous systems and cardiac systems. The high concentration of salt actually produces free radicals which even trigger carcinogenesis (cancer progression) in the human system. Not only this, this bottles also contain even earth (dirt) and other materials or shells or some rubbish. Why will you pay for these? They are actually sucking your earnings out of your pocket. Also the sea water they claim to have inside the bottle may be injurious for the health. Sea water is not of the drinking quality; otherwise, there should have been no drinking water crisis throughout the world. This claim is absolutely false.

The third aspect of the marine phytoplankton scam is absolutely an economical aspect. It can be shown experimentally that the 1 unit amount of the freeze dried marine phytoplankton=3unit amount of the “live” marine phytoplankton. That is, if you buy two bottles (one is of live and one is of dead marine phytoplankton) of same amount, you will probably be cheated. Because, the company will provide 1/3rd of the actual amount of the marine phytoplankton you’d have in a dead marine phytoplankton bottle. But, the “live” companies will not give any rebate or discount on their products, thus your pocket will be sucked away.

Fourthly, a major aspect of the marine phytoplankton scam is that they actually provide old and deteriorating materials in their bottles. If you do a simple job by making solutions of an alive marine phytoplankton material and a dead phytoplankton material, you’ll probably be amazed to see that the alive phytoplankton solution contains some clots and the colour of the solution will probably be pale yellow, depicting that it is not pure.

Thus, we may conclude that the claims of several companies of selling “alive” marine phytoplankton is absolutely a scam. The companies associated with marine phytoplankton scam should immediately be eliminated from the market.

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11 Responses to “Marine phytoplankton scam”

  • Elizabeth:

    This article is nonsense and the writer is contradictory. First, it says it is a scam, then it says the liquid is the problem. It sounds like it is written by someone who had a job brief from one of the manufacturers processed pill form phytoplankton. I have used the liquid Alive phytoplankton and have gotten results immediately. Improvements to name a few I found in my skin, hair, eyesight, mental clarity, depression, digestion/constipation, menstruation irregularity, etc.

    Next time the idiot who wrote this article should test the product first before making a fool of themselves.

  • Elizabeth:

    You are not helping the public by making these idiotic claims. Stop trying to prevent people from healing themselves naturally. Stop being a total idiot. You idiot!

  • Ricky:

    This person, did not even leave a reference, he
    Must definitly be under the influence of
    Big Pharma, the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries,
    And the UN Agenda 21, depopulation programme.

  • Emma:

    Without references this article is simply someones theory, in other words useless! You can’t claim something is a scam without leaving reliable references and facts to prove it.

  • Steve:

    Marine Phytoplankton is the best thing I have ever taken in my life. It is not just a regular food, it has healing properties over and above anything else.

    Ocean’s Alive is just a name, it represents how it makes you feel when you take it.

    Shame on the nameless person who wrote this bogus article. Obviously they have never tried it and just post negative things online for sport.

    Don’t believe a word of this nonsense. Marine Phytoplankton is the best thing that has happened to the supplement world in history.

  • Steve:

    So, I take it that the drug companies don’t like us taking what is NATURAL and what WORKS, eh?
    You guys in the drug industry make me vomit. Ever listen to your own TV adds? Where over half of the add is telling us that your drug can causes more problems that what we take it for… Like Suicidal thoughts. Heart failure and the like.

  • Oxygen Provider:

    Watched the one hour documentary on PBS. “Marine Phytoplankton only lives for 3 days, creating the largest feeding frenzy on earth.” Then the plankton dies, sinks to the bottom of the ocean only to have its “dead fossil skeleton” carried by pressure being released from the earths core, makes its way to the Sahara, where it rolls around for hundreds of years until it is picked up by the clouds. Scientist have shown that when the “dead plankton rain” falls on the Amazon Rain Forrest the rate of growth in trees and plants triples. When you go to a restaurant do they bring you the cow? When you have vegetables or fruit is it still attached to its tree? Of course not! Eating live food is great and probably better for us, I hear its big in many places in the world. Seriously, this is a non-gmo, single cell organism providing us with up to 90% of the oxygen we breath. Support farmers and help them keep terminator seeds out of their crop. Get fluoride out of the drinking water. Choose your battles.

  • Absolute garbage article, bordering on defamation, with ZERO real data/research/resources cited to back-up claims against this product. Not even sure if “live” or not is even an issue… and you sure did nothing to explain why not.

    Um… hello!?!?!? Duh. EVERYTHING we eat is dead. Unless you eat the plant right off the tree/ground, or bite into a live animal. How is this even an argument against the product. Even not live, there are TONS of NUTRIENTS, MINERALS, ENZYMES, etc. in the Phytoplankton (provided it is produced/stored properly, they can last for YEARS, like in Vitamin pills).

  • zbacku:

    This post is the perfect example of the lies that are being thrown at natural herbs, etc by the Drug Cartels of this country.
    They would rather have us addicted tot their drugs that have side affects that are at times worse than what we are trying to cure.

  • Misty:

    “No living organism can exist in a sealed bottle after long time.” I take it brine shrimp aren’t living organisms? Discredited!

  • Bo:

    If you like marine phytoplankton then please visit my site.

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