Inside the hearts of men.

There’s a Twilight Zone about a gambler who dies, and winds up in an ethereal casino.

He starts playing, and he’s winning every time, and he’s saying”Alright! I made it to heaven!’

Then time keeps on passing, and he keeps winning and winning and never losing. until he realizes ‘Shit, I’m actually in hell.’

What exactly does that have to do with attracting women? Quite a lot, actually.

Simply put, we humans like getting what we want. but not if it’s TOO easy. If something just falls into our lap without a fight or without effort, it suddenly loses some worth. Maybe we start to reassess our first judgment, we question if it’s really worth having.

After all, if it’s this easy, then everyone would be doing it. IF it’s worth it.

Not to mention, the journey helps CREATE the worth – the more you fight for it, the more you’ll savor it.

And I’m telling you this because.?

Don’t give it up too easily

Creating worth is ALL about attracting women.

If this were the 50s and I was a mom speaking to a daughter, I’d probably tell you to play hard-to-get.

But it’s the 21st century, I’m pretty sure you’re not my daughter and I KNOW I’m not your mom, so we need something more sophisticated. And as a man, we need to be more proactive, less passive about our chances.

We need to push. And pull. Make the woman feel like a yo-yo. It’ll drive her crazy – in all the right ways, all ways which are not only PART of a successful mating dance, they’re the MOST important steps.

Let me explain a bit.

Pushing and Pulling

What’s a pull? When you say something which is hopefully a bit cocky, playful, and funny all at the same time. Like she laughs at one of your jokes, you pause, give her a half-smile and say ‘You love me.’ or ‘I want a small wedding, ok?’ or ‘That was easy – all we need now is a little privacy and a soft surface. Or do you like it hard?’

Get it? Make assumptions about how attractive you are, how much she wants to jump your bones, and use all that to PULL her towards you. Let her know how lucky she is to have found you.

And at the same time, push. Let her know it’ll never work out. Say she tells you she only dates rich men, and she asks if you’re rich. ‘Nope. In fact, you’re paying for the next six rounds. That guy over there has an expensive shirt on, maybe you should hook up with him.’

Or if she says she likes bad boys, ‘Oh, my momma wouldn’t approve. I guess the wedding’s off – if that’s what momma says, of course.’

Basically, WHATEVER she says she looks for in a man, go ahead and play the OPPOSITE.

In words only we’re talking about. This is called flirting.

Every time you PULL with a compliment, you’ve got to PUSH with a tease. The vaguer and more possibly true, the better. If you’ve given a SINCERE compliment (as they all should be anyway), you’ve REALLY got to work on PUSHING HARD with something negative.


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