Springfield Hellcat holster

A “Holster” by definition is wrapped around a traditional belt or strap when worn to carry a firearms. Over time, person to person fit, user preference, and the initial budget one might have available can determine the type of holsters one purchases for their firearms.

So, with lower cost and lower total purchase price, you could buy a cheaply made product and then find yourself never using it since the only thing it provides is the ability to use it to carry a small and lightweight pocket gun, like a pistol. This could happen after taking your money and putting it towards the purchase of a more expensive and heavier Springfield Hellcat gun holster.

With very few exceptions, in almost every holster available, the outside of the gun is completely covered, rendering the ability to properly see, understand and align your finger with your intended target difficult if not impossible.

This means you cannot shoot a gun from your hip or anywhere behind your back because your target will be obscured from sight. Often times, a person’s index finger falls outside the effective firing arc with a traditional belt holster making standing and maintaining one’s gun out at arm’s length an almost immediately noticeable challenge. The only option then becomes grasping the gun from behind using your non-dominant hand or gripping it with your non-dominant hand outside the target’s shoulder using a belt holster.

Depending on the manufacturer, there are always a number of methods used to correct this by either widening the user’s primary grip or by adding additional grips. Once corrections have been made to the specific grip size and angles used on a gun, everything seems to work but that’s just scratching the surface. If you used a traditional belt holster when purchasing the gun, the adjustments needed are minimal.

Adding a belt on by itself can result in the unwanted tugging or pinching of the belt when the gun is moved or worn. The finger often gets jammed within the lip of the holster causing it to fall off and your gun becomes without it’s magazine. If you typically wear a jacket or a vest different from the type of clothing you will be using your gun in it can quickly become wrapped around the belt loops and rest in place intentionally or not depending on whether the type of belt you will be wearing to wear your gun. Increasing expense and complexity increases the chance of scamming customers who might be unfamiliar with the needs of holsters.

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