TA-65 Scam or Real Anti Aging Treatment

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What is TA-65?
TA-65 is a treatment that increases the length of telomerase. The supposed benefit is that it will lengthen the telomeres at the end of your DNA strands.  It is proven that with aging the telomeres grow shorter and shorter til eventually a person dies.

From the information available on the web the TA-65 compound is a super special extract from a Chinese herb Astragalus. It is theorized that the content TA-65 is either made from Astragaloside IV or cycloastragenol, both compound are in the herb Astragalus.  The real quandary here is that the manufactures of TA-65 are not forth coming with the actual ingredients or compound in TA-65.
Answering the question what it is is difficult to do since the mysterious contents are guarded and kept secret.

Who Makes it?
TA-65 was developed by the bio med company Geron in California. T.A. Sciences has the license for the product TA-65.  They claim that this product causes cell rejuvenation by stimulating release of telomerase.  Telomerase increases the body’s capability to produce longer telomeres.

T.A. Sciences really promotes this product as a real fountain of youth. You look younger, feel younger and perform better then you would without using this supplement. Does it really work?  That is a matter of opinion. There are no cure all solution for individual problems of aging.  Each individual has there own unique set of needs and medical issues that

TA-65 is by no means a n inexpensive program. The doctor, testing, and  course of treatment are all billed separately. The doctor and testing is only available in areas where T.A. Sciences have a doctor available.  You can buy directly from TA sciences site but the costs are prohibitive for the mainstream public. Depending on the level of protocol that you need the cost ranges from $1200 to $10,500. for the six months treatment.

This also casts doubt about the value of the product. The fact is you are committing to a six months supply of something you are not sure will work for you. This is especially true, if you are not seeing a doctor that recommend the treatment. Everybody is going to experience aging at different rates. Chronic illness can hasten the process of aging, so following and arbitrarily recommended dosage based on age is not good sound medical advice.

Reversing Aging Alternatives
There are many products on the internet that claims to reverse aging or some aspect of aging. The need for anti aging products has increased as the baby boomers have become the next generation to age. They not only want to age gracefully, but they want to slow down the time clock so they can get the most of their retirement years. TA-65 may be an answer for the wealthier in society, but the average retiree or middle age person is not going to find this an affordable solution. Research the product and decide for yourself if it a scam or a genuine fountain of youth.

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2 thoughts on “TA-65 Scam or Real Anti Aging Treatment

  1. First, there is no evidence whatsoever that increasing telemerase will increase life span, or even extend the life of individual cells. The reason Geron did not pursue this compound is that there is definitely a known association between increasing telemerase and cancer. Anyone who considers this product should be extremely cautious and do their research. Either it is a total scam, in which event you lose a lot of money, or it works and you risk greatly increasing your chances of cancer.

  2. TA 65 is definitely the real deal. I don’t know what Sharon is referring to but if she has an article or study that she can link I would be interested in reading it; however, I doubt that she does for I have been studying up on TA-65 for months now and have never heard such a thing. This anti-aging supplement was derived from Nobel Prize winning technology where three scientists discovered that lengthening Telomeres DOES increase cellular aging. You can find a lot of great information. I hope this is helpful for learning more on anti-aging.

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