postheadericon Does Pain Relief Justify The Use Of The Opioid, Tramadol?

Residual issues of psuedoaddiction (drug seeking behaviors) stop almost immediately when the pain has been corrected through surgery, therapy, or the blessing of natural healing.

Although not associated with traditional opiate-based medication, at higher dosages Tramadol, can cause a euphoric feeling in the user. As the person gets a higher tolerance, Tramadol may cause tangible addiction – and lead to withdrawal symtoms.

Although opioids seem to be the least addicitive of the opioid pain killers, the most severe withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia, tremors, and headache. Not much when compared to the crippling effects of severe pain.

Patients who are desperate for pain relief may watch the clock until time for their next medication dose and do other things that would normally be considered “drug seeking” behaviors, such as taking medications not prescribed to them, taking illegal drugs, or using deception to get medications.

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