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Sleep Tight with Sound Asleep Pillow

There are times when nights are longer because we kept waking up in the middle of the night or because of a day’s stress because you don’t seem to get the boss’s face out of your mind. On the other hand, some noise through the night including some of the songs that you love will help you sleep through the night till your alarm wakes you up. The only reason why sound Asleep Pillow was invented was to help people like you or others who need some noise or songs to sleep fully. The Sound Asleep Pillow was invented with some inbuilt speakers with an MP3 player connection therefore, enabling you to store your favorite songs in the MP3 player and listen to them through the night. This pillow has several features which are:

  • It is a 78 x 48cm/29 x 19 inches pillow or the standard pillow size
  • It has an inbuilt speaker with an MP3 player connection as well as you can connect it to iPods, CD Players and Radios.
  • It is made of 100% polyester and filled hollow fiber which is allergy free and very cozy.
  • It is only 907g
  • You can listen to the songs without disturbing others because of its sound effects which are very gentle yet audible.
  • It is one of the remedies to people with tinnitus owing to its background noise which helps to reduce ringing sensation.

On the other hand, the sound asleep pillow can be used as a way of watching your favorite movies while on your bed without disturbing anyone. For instance, imagine watching one of your television series and yet it is past bed time, so all you need to do is reconnect the iPod or computer to your pillow and then no one will know why you slept at 2.45 a.m in the morning.

There is one thing we need to understand that the pillow does not need batteries to recharge but rather your mp3 player charge or any other device connected to it. This should not be considered as a disadvantage of the pillow but rather a pillow worth having. Anyway, how much would it cost to recharge your iPod or MP3 player? Nothing really, therefore, why not enjoy one of the best nights with a Sound Asleep Pillow and put on your Enya Music or R& B songs in your player. The risks are minimal because it is a gentle to your face, and ears and more so, it is does not cause allergy reactions.

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