Prices of woman eggs and men sperm in different countries

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Infertility is basically a condition of the reproductive system where conceiving a child becomes impossible for some people. As technology progressed people who previously could not have children were blessed with kids through assisted reproduction. In this condition parents who cannot give birth will find donor who are ready to give eggs and sperms. There are many institutions throughout the world that find donors who are willing to give reproductive cells which are used later. These donors are also paid for giving their cells. The prices of woman eggs and men sperm vary with the market forces and it also depends on the donor’s biological difference. As women undergo hormone therapy and outpatient surgery they do get paid more as compared to men.

Men donors get paid less even if they make a longer commitment where as women get paid more even for a shorter commitment. Hence woman eggs cost more as compared to male sperms. Also egg donors are valued more as compared to sperm donors and egg donors are treated like gold. It is a fact that there are more egg donors then sperm donors because a tiny fraction of the male population qualifies for sperm donation and others get rejected for one reason or the other. Due to this reason some sperm banks even have fees for finding sperm donors which is given by the people who want to go for assisted reproduction. Even so it is said that egg donors get paid more than sperm donors.

The prices of woman eggs and male sperms are such that every egg donor might make up to $ 5,000 on every donation they make. Along with that agencies encourage the recipients to provide the female donors with small tokens, cash bonuses and thank you notes to show their appreciation. Where as in case of sperm donors get paid $ 50 or $ 75 on every donation they make and the sperm agencies do not even encourage the recipients to show their gratitude to the donor. Also sperm donors are only paid when their samples meet the high fertility standards. These prices also vary with the demand in different areas also it varies in different countries. Women can donate as many as three times a year however they have to go through hormone therapy in order to donate their eggs.

The prices of woman eggs and male sperms are set as such by the medical community. According to them the prices for eggs is more because extracting an egg is more risky and rather difficult then extracting a sperm. So their prices vary with the demand and supply in different countries and areas.

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