Rumoquin NF Side Effects

English: Chemical structure of Dexamethasone
English: Chemical structure of Dexamethasone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumoquin NF is a medication used for treating arthritis and back pain. It is a product made in Mexico by a pharmaceutical company named Marcel Laboratories and then exported to the US by its exclusive dealer, ReumofanUSA. It is a drug that contains Methocarbamol, Phenylbutazone, and Dexamethasone. In effect, the drug works as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory treatment.

There are quite a number of side effects associated with the Rumoquin NF and one of them is weight gain. Do note that one of its active ingredients, Dexamethasone, is a steroid. And as such, it can possibly cause fluid retention. Added fluid in your body could cause weight gain. However, if Rumoquin NF reall works as designed, weight gain is the least of the concerns of arthritis patients. After all, one’s weight can effectively be reduced with proper diet and exercise.
Another notable side effect of Rumoquin is an expanding blind spot. Upon conferring with other patients, many but not all have reported the occurrence of a blind spot in their field of vision, although not that often. Furthermore, the blind spot seems to get bigger when Rumoquin is continued. And in the same way, it disappears when the patient discontinue taking the drug. This only goes to show how Rumoquin can possibly affect one’s sense of sight. It could still due to the steroids present in the drug.

For this particular side effect, the usual recommendation is to reduce the dosage. Dosage is very critical to all drugs. If a patient on Rumoquin is still experiencing blind spot even after a reduced dosage, it may be necessary for him to use another arthritis medicine, especially if the blind spot becomes too disconcerting for him.

The other side effects associated to Rumoquin are stomach upsets and increased appetite. Stomach upsets are usually caused by the stomach’s sensitivity to active ingredients present in the pill. If used for an extended period of time, ulcer in the stomach, duodenum, and esophagus may develop. See your doctor if you’re experiencing stomachaches and problems while on Rumoquin.

The increased appetite side effect is very much associated to the steroid present in Rumoquin. Steroids, as everybody else knows, are used by body builders to increase fats in their bodies and turn them into muscles. Therefore, users of Rumoquin should expect a change in their appetite after using the product.

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