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English: Keloid formed after operation. One ye...
English: Keloid formed after operation. One year since surgery. Wound caused by motorcycle accident and stitched up. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Biocorneum repairs your scars even after surgery

Bio corneum is  an advanced scar tool or product that can clear up scars 100%.

In our present age of advanced technology and the internet, cosmetic surgical creams have come a long way with advanced and effective technique that can minimize or decrease the rate of scar on the human body.

Bio corneum is an advanced and effcetive silicone treatment that can reduce rapidly the appearance of  scars even while protecting them from damage it is effective for the prevention of  red scars and keloid scars. For me, it is the best product for surgery protection and it is even more effective for  old and stubborn scars.

It is extremely weather friendly and  water resistant such that you can expose every area of your body after it is being applied.

Bio corneum is an 100% slicone treatment that contains  SPF protection tools and it is so powerful such that it can dry a plain sheet in no more than 1 minute. It soften red scars andit relieves itchness and  reduce redness on scars.

It is not available in local stores, that means that you can only get it from surgical physicians and qualified medical practitioners. It has different product sizes that varies and they are  about 20g 10g and 50 g.

It contains a powerful ingredient that  uses  ultrasound energy to reach the  uppermost and damaged layers of the skin. It also consist of a  deep support layer that supports the necklift, it is a very powerful scar treatment i have never seen.

You know, i have seen so many of the people i know and my relatives perform skin cancer surgery and cosmetic surgery and i always recommend biocornieum gel to ensure an excellent and powerful result on their skin.

Biocorniieum may be applied to the  neck, chest, and hands. And may also be used on flexures,non smooth surfaces, joints and also  large scar areas. It can be used also be used with any other treatment option you can ever think of.

It only cost about $75 which is cheap for a product of that standard. It is by far the best scar treatment you can use after operation.

I recommend it for those that are under operation or have been operated upon, it is highly effective.

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