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Scars present on the skin, evidence of fibrosi...
Scars present on the skin, evidence of fibrosis and healing of a wound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cicatrix or Asian Gotu Kola based on English dictionary, refers to a scar that is formed from the contraction of fibrous tissue is a wound. This is also described as a scar tissue that is pale, avascular, contracted, and firm after the earlier phase of healing of the skin which is also characterized by softness and redness; this is a medical description.

After tons and tons of studies made by dedicated people, those who are devoted to skin care and the like, this cicatrix scar cream was born. Ideally made to remove scars that originated from burns, acne marks, stretch marks, accidents, surgery, and even old scars, this product can now be bought almost anywhere. The cicatrix scar cream promises to remove surgery, burn, and accident scars within three weeks of continued use; acne marks and stretch marks within six weeks of continued use; and the old scars can be removed within 1-3 months of continued use. There have been many feedbacks about this cream and most are stating, “Yes, this cream does work.” Some precautions this cream has are that it can not be used in direct contact with the eyes, and not ideal for open wounds as well.

Aside from letting those bothering scars disappear, this scar remover cream is also capable of speeding up the recovery of a certain would as long as not applied decently to an open one. This cream is said to have elements that helps enhance and stimulate the production of collagens which results to acceleration of wound healing. This also helps to modulate the inflammation in the scar tissues. It can also remove hypertrophic scars and keloids. This cream is also considered as an essential for the repairing of the skin as well as posttraumatic and postoperative damages. The active ingredients of this cream underwent a special process of molecular activation. This procedure played a big role on why this product is now successful. The molecular activation was said to be the cause of the stimulation of fiberblast collagen productions, collagen type I and II to be exact. This normalizes the homeostasis and amends the chronic inflammation in the scar tissues; and accelerates the time span of the scars to be healed. The active ingredients being talked about are Centella Asiatica and Pinus Sylvestris.

The technology is indeed a great help for these kinds of creams to multiply as fast as mushrooms do. Though imitations cannot be avoided, it is best to scrutinize the item we will purchase to assure quality. If we will search in the internet alone, this product has proven its clean name and reputation. Indeed the cicatrix scar cream is worth the try.

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