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Dermatix is a very potent silicone gel primarily used to clear the unsightly scars on the skin. It is highly recommended and used by most plastic surgeons and skin specialists all over the world. When used regularly, the appearance of scars on the skin will be visibly improved. Even keloids and hypertrophic scars can be handled adequately by this gel.

Use Dermatix only after the wound has healed. The scars may not necessarily disappear but its unattractive appearance will be hidden from clear view. The silicone in Dermatix works very effectively against scars and similar skin marks with constant use. The recommended dosage is twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Continue the use for two solid months for best results. Make the application dermatix as your regular routine. Use it for more than two months to reap more benefits.

The silicone gel used in Dermatix is guaranteed to be safe and effective, even on the most sensitive skin. Many skin specialists also confidently recommend them on children. However, the formulation is strictly for external use only. It must not be ingested or taken orally at any point. It is not intended for fresh wounds either. Be very careful when using the gel close to mucous membranes such as the eyes. Exposure to them may lead to irritations. In the same way, the gel should not be used with other topical treatments and skin antibiotics. Doing so may initiate adverse reactions.

To ensure that Dermatix will work on you, do the necessary precautions on the scarred area. Try not to expose your scars to extreme temperatures such as intense sunshine, sauna, and sun beds. In the same way, it shouldn’t be exposed to extreme cold as well. Don’t wear tight clothes and try not to stretch the scarred skin too much. All these would contribute to the fast and easy effect of Dermatix on the problem area.

Dermatix is a highly rated product against scars. Dermatologists recommend it plainly because it works very well against the reduction of pain, itchiness, and redness of scars. It also improves the elasticity of the skin while reducing the elevation of the scar. Dermatix can be bought over the counter and require no prescriptions.  Use it as often as necessary to get that scar out of your face and bring forth that beautiful glow.

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