Kelo Cote Scar Cream Review

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Scars present on the skin, evidence of fibrosis and healing of a wound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kelo Cote: Reduce and Prevent Scars

What if you have access to a product that doesn’t just remove nasty scars but also prevent its recurrence altogether? That is what Kelo Cote is ready do for you. Released in 1998, the product is clinically proven to reduce the elevation, redness, hardness, painfulness, and itchiness of scars. However, the even better thing is the fact that Kelo Cote can possibly prevent the occurrence of new scars after diligent use. If you want to be scar-free for life, then this product is what you ultimately need.

Kelo Cote works by creating a waterproof but gas permeable shell over the skin. Such membrane is created right at the moment the gel has dried. An invisible layer is added over the scarred area of the skin and underneath that, the silicone in Kelo Cote starts working. It works around the clock to flatten, smoothen, and soften the scar, all the while ensuring the balance of moisture on the skin. Kelo Cote also keeps the skin elastic and prevents further itching and discoloration.

More than just medical grade silicone gel, Kelo Cote uses the patented Siliclear Complex in erasing scars from your skin. This special type of silicone gel is the same one that plastic surgeons and dermatologists use worldwide. Silicone has long been adapted as the initial of treatment for scars and similar skin-related issues for it effectively creates a barrier between the top layer of the skin and the environment. Only oxygen is allowed to penetrate that barrier, keeping the skin fully moisturized.

Kelo Cote’s patented Siliclear Complex is a special combination of silicone gel and polymer liquid. It is a special formula used to help reduce the appearance of unsightly marks on the skin. It is the same formula used in the other Kelo Cote products such as sprays, creams, and gels.

Kelo Cote is an odorless serum although it may leave a rather sticky residue on the skin. It also retails for as much as $110 and comes in different variants. The Kelo Cote gel comes in four sizes, the 6g, 10g, 20g, and the 60g tubes. They are also offered in spray form, which is primarily designed for the harder-to-reach areas of the body. Such type comes in 50ml and 100ml spray cans. There is also a Kelo Cote kid’s spray available.

Kelo Cote is a highly competitive product for scar treatment. It works as designed and delivers results in time. Users can try this product and effectively reduce scars and eventually prevent them from coming back altogether.

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