Nutrition for Better Sleep

We all know that ample shut eye is important and that without it our mental and physical being deteriorates. Especially if you want to do some amazing skiing all day in rentals in revelstoke bc. Brain function also sharply declines, and emotions become unstable. People are less motivated and more likely to snap- which is not a great combination. Our body also doesn’t repair the pervious day’s cellular wear and tear if we don’t get enough rest. Stiffness and muscle soreness may occur, and we’ll feel weaker, have less energy, and ultimately loose our vibrant spark! Yikes.

Also, people who sleep eight hours a night are less susceptible to contracting disease, have a greater ability to focus, and are less prone to developing depression. However, it’s not the length of sleep it is the quality of sleep. I’d way rather get seven hours of solid delta sleep, than 12 hours of disturbed sleep.

Most of us do need more delta sleep; this is when growth hormones are released and naturally repair the body. The vast majority of North American’s don’t get enough delta sleep because of stress and cortisol levels. When cortisol levels are raised, we cannot slip into a deeper sleep. This is a vicious cycle, because stress prevents quality of sleep, so then we need more sleep to compensate for its poor quality (and then nothing gets done). Alternatively, people don’t bother try making up the sleep because of “lack of time” and end up pounding back caffeinated drinks in an attempt to stay awake, and in the process increasing cortisol levels.

We can actually decrease cortisol levels by adhering to a healthy diet. A nutrient-rich diet reduces stress on a nutritional level, and will lower cortisol levels. Makes sure to eat lots of organic vegetables for antioxidants, organic hormone-free proteins for grounding, and healthy fats such as coconut oil for satiation. Those who base their diet on low nutrient-rich foods have to eat more to become nourished, which means the consumption of more calories and weight gain may occur. People who eat healthier has less cravings for sugar and starchy junk foods.

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