KS Kurve Pod

The KS Kurve Pod System is a new type of electronic cigarette that focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use. [Its purpose] [is] [to] [offer] [a] [more] [economical alternative to other e-cigarettes].

The Kardinal Pods provide full flavor and performance without the need for complicated settings or configurations, making it fun and easy for beginners while still providing enough options to appeal to experienced vapers.

The Kardinal Pod has an output range from 7 watts to 12 watts and uses a 3.7 volt internal battery system (non-removable). The battery also features an automatic cut-off function, ensuring your safety during transport or storage, as well as preventing overworking the system. It contains an automatic draw activated firing system, so no button is needed to vape the Kardinal Pod! The battery has a built in 350mAh capacity and can be quickly charged via micro USB charging cable.

The kit comes with two pods which contain 1.5ml of e-liquid, air intake holes at the bottom of the cartridge, and ten hole atomizers (stainless steel). Each pod offers between 1 to 2 full refills before needing replacement. The mouthpiece or drip tip on each cartridge is colored red or blue respectively to indicate where you insert your lips for vaping purpose .

Starter kit contents:

• 1x Kardinal POD System (350mAh)

• 2x Refillable Pods (1.5ml)

• 1x Micro USB Cable

• 1x User’s Manual

Dimensions of the Kardinal Pod System are 3-3/8″ L x 5/8″ W x 13/16″. It weighs about 2 ounces with the pod installed and is available in five distinct colors: black, white, blue, red, or gold. The cost for the Kardinal Starter Kit is $27.99 USD.

            KS Kardinal POD System Flavor Options – Each Kardinal Pods comes pre-filled with a classic tobacco flavor blend that offers a smooth taste and an optimal level of throat hit! Additional flavors include: Ice Mint Menthol (menthol flavored e-liquid), Ice Tobacco Mint (fresh tobacco flavor), Mellow Tobacco, Strawberries and Cream, Vanilla Coffee, Menthol Tobacco Mint.

More Kit Details – The Kardinal Pod System is made of high-quality materials in an ergonomic design to ensure minimal leaks. This vaping device is ultra light in weight for easy transport. It has a slim profile with rounded edges making it comfortable to hold between your fingers while you vape away! If you wish to increase the amount of vapor produced by this device simply take slower draws on the mouthpiece or drip tip of the Kardinal Pods; however if you prefer to get more vapor instantly simply take longer drags from your electronic cigarette!

            Vapor Production and Performance – The Kardinal Pods are designed with airflow slots at the bottom of each cartridge allowing for optimal airflow, ensuring that you experience full-bodied flavor and maximum vapor with every puff! You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of vapor produced by this device. The throat hit is equally satisfying – it feels comfortably smooth on your throat as you take each vape inhale.

            Additional Specifications – Each Kardinal Pod System has 1.5ml e-liquid capacity which allows for about 400 to 800 puffs before needing a refill (depending on usage). It can be refilled using its side fill slots; simply remove the rubber plug located next to the air intake hole at the base of each cartridge and drip your favorite e-liquid into either slot until full! Then replace the rubber plug until you’re ready to vape again.

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