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The famous anchor of the show Real Sport on HBO, Bryan Charles Gumbel was born on September 29, 1948. Before Real Sport show, he was a co-host on NBC`s The Today Show. He did his graduation from Bates College in 1970 and began his Television career in 1972. He started as a sportscaster in KNBC-TV. In the fall of 1975, Gumbel was hired by NBC as a co-host of its National Football League pregame show Grandstand with Jack Buck. On Dec 2009, during a live television show “Live with Regis and Kelly” Bryan Gumbel Cancer news was revealed in front of the world. Gumbel told the media that he had a surgery two months back to remove a malignant tumor from his lung.

The Bryant Gumbel lung cancer was a hot topic for media to gossip on. Everybody wants to know how he found out, his journey from diagnosis to post surgery recovery. On asking about his Cancer Treatment, Gumbel said “”It’s nothing to hide from, they opened up my chest, they took a malignant tumor and they took part of my lung and they took some other goodies. The pathology on most of the stuff had been benign, but enough aggressive cells had escaped the tumor that it warranted some treatment and I went through that and it’s done now.” As per his doctor Jay Brooks (chairman of the department of hematology/oncology at Ochsner in Baton Rouge, La) “The most important thing in lung cancer is surgery, because surgery can be curative in patients with lung cancer”.

The possible reason for Bryant Gumbel Cancer is Tobacco usage. Dr Brooks said that around 90% of men who develop Lung Cancer have a smoking history. Some other symptoms for Lung Cancer are;
• Bloody sputum (phlegm)
• Chest pain
• Cough
• Loss of appetite
• Shortness of breath
• Weight loss
• Wheezing

Bryant Gumbel Cancer therapist Dr Brooks explained, “Surgery for early stage Lung Cancer is really the best stage of action. The majority of men who are diagnosed with early stage Lung Cancer who undergo surgery can be cured of their Cancer.”
As statistics shows, more people die in United States from Lungs Cancer than any other form of Cancer. This is true for both Men and Women. Some risk factors for Cancer can be avoided if not all. For example smoking and inheriting genes, you can avoid smoking and take preventive measures. But you cannot avoid inherited genes.
For any disease, the will power is considered to be the best medicine. People around the globe have died with pneumonia and have also recovered from final stages of Cancer. Bryant Gumbel Cancer story was a lesson for those who wants to fight for Life and win the battle without any complains from Life. As Gumbel said “I’ve got very little to complain about, I am doing well, doctors tell me I’m free and clear, so I hope for better times.”

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