Signs of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer
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What Are the Signs of lung cancer?

If you would take a look at the leading causes of death in the country, you shouldn’t be surprised that lung cancer would take the top spot. This is the reason why those who are considered to be heavy smokers should take these health related statistics seriously, not only to make them aware of what their smoking can do to their health, but to also get to know if they are already showing signs of lung cancer.   Now, if you are not a smoker and you know someone who smokes a lot, it would also help you and your loved ones have an idea on how to detect signs of lung cancer. This way, treatment can immediately be administered, should cancer be diagnosed even in its earliest stage.

A lot of people may think that running out of breath during and after several laps in the pool or after any type of strenuous activity is normal, especially if they lack exercise. This may however be true for most cases, but at the same time should not be ignored. This may be a sign that one is on its early stage of lung cancer. So if you are experiencing this problem often, it would definitely not hurt if you decide to visit your doctor and have your lungs checked.

Muscles pains can also be symptoms that lead to lung cancer and these pains would frequently affect your back, chest, or arms. This type of cancer can really hit several nerves and muscle areas, so you have to make sure that what you are experiencing is caused by previous muscle strain or injuries and has got nothing to do with smoking too much.

Usually, coughs and colds can be considered as normal occurrences, caused by drastic climate or weather change. However, for those who have been frequently tormented by coughs and chest pains, it would be best to seek your doctor’s advice because these may be signs that you have or at an early stage of lung cancer. Cough related symptoms would be bronchitis, shortness of breath and heavy breathing as well as phlegm with hints of blood.

Even sudden weight loss and a major decline in your health or immune system should not be taken for granted. A lot of people may not know that cancer can really affect the body’s ability to fight infections and virus attacks; so ultimately, they may be showing signs of lung cancer without knowing it. This is the reason why it is important to keep track of what’s happening to your health, and consult your doctor immediately, at the first instant that you are starting to feel that there might be something wrong with you.

In the end, being prepared and knowing the symptoms that lead to lung cancer would help increase the chances of fighting or avoiding this deadly health problem.

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