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postheadericon The Best Touchscreen Gloves for an iPhone

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English: iphone Deutsch: iphone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everybody loves their iPhone – but not during the cold weather. Can you just imagine the world’s most expensive phone lying almost useless at the moment it gets cold outside? You don’t want to bring the phone with you during the winter because it means you have to take off your gloves in order to use it. That can be a bit of horror indeed, especially when it gets down to negative degrees outside.

It’s just wonderful that some brilliant minds came up with the idea of creating touchscreen gloves. You can consider these gloves as gadget necessities given the circumstances. And as far as touchscreen gloves are concerned, only the best one deserves to be used with your iPhone. You surely don’t want the pair that will leave scratches on the screen. Read the rest of this entry »