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From the National Cancer Institute. vi:Hình:Cancer requires multiple mutations from NIH-vi.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In spite of amazing medical advancements, some diseases like cancers still continue to haunt millions of innocent lives. It is known that every one of two Americans would eventually be diagnosed with some form of cancer during his or her life. While this is terrible news, science hasn’t still given up on seeking remedies and therapies for suppressing and curing cancer. Meanwhile, several old cancer fighters like protocel have been around for quite a long time, bringing relief to thousands of patients all around the world for over 70 years.

Protocel was first developed by Dr. Jim Sheridan in Detroit, Michigan. Being a drug in liquid form, it is a relatively inexpensive solution in comparison to other cancer drugs in the market. Protocel is also known to be effective for a variety of other diseases including AIDS, lupus, emphysema, hypertension, hemophilia, collagen diseases and Parkinson disease. Cancell, Jim’s Juice and Sheridan’s Formula are other popular names of protocel, in addition to the IDs 126-F, JS-101 and JS-114 provided by the National Cancer Institute. Its exact composition is unknown, as FDA and independent analyses have shown the presence of six and twelve different constituents respectively.

Although none of its constituents are apparently effective in combating cancer, the mixture seems to be capable of disabling the energy-producing mechanism of a cell line called trophoblast, believed to be the basis for cancer. It also helps the body dispose of dead tumor tissue, which is important because toxic poisoning from dead cancer tissue is a major reason for deaths due to cancer. Cantron is similar to protocel, and some doctors recommend using them in combination. Effectiveness of the treatment is often enhanced by nutritional balancing programs which can help the body fight cancer with better strength and confidence.

Unfortunately, protocel is associated with numerous side effects, some of which may be adverse. Fatigue is a main problem during the initial weeks of treatment. This may distract you from daily activities and affect productivity at work. This may be accompanied by a need to take frequent naps during daytime. Mild to moderate nausea is another problem, in conjunction with vomiting. Stomach problems and decreased appetite may eventually lead to weight loss during treatment. Furthermore, one NCI report reveals a case of diarrhea resulting from a protocel overdose. Prolonged diarrhea may lead to dehydration, resulting in additional side effects. Medical advice is essential in case of worsening of these side effects during the course of treatment.

Due to the lack of clinical researches and the subsequent prohibition of approval from the FDA, protocel is not sold in the US. There’s ongoing controversy as to whether it is an effective cancer treatment. Thus, you should discuss the potential benefits and risks of protocel treatment with your doctor before deciding to start using it. This is especially important in case of pregnant or lactating mothers. The drug is available in two forms, protocel-23 and protocel-50, to be administered according to directions given by the manufacturer and your doctor.

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