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English: Satellite dish in Austria.

Image via Wikipedia Feel a world of difference. is the only satellite Tv channel on health and wellness in Asia. Increasing trend in the healthcare industry over the years causes India to recognise a need to induce informative and updated information on health and fitness to the viewers. This is welcomed by the health conscious masses hence creating the need for development of this program.

The aim of Channel is to promote health consciousness to the mass public in Asia by a series of practises in the health sector to integrate fitness and health in an overall picture comprising of Body, Mind, Soul and Beauty. highlights the best of therapies, medicines, beauty tips and self care information through their team of healthcare professionals. There are also other entertaining programs such as, guide to health diet, meditation, mind training and healthy food. provides a platform i providing useful health information as well as narrowing the differences between the beneficiary and functionary community by balancing the need for health and wellness. Since the introduction, of People have found an excellent source to obtain valuable health information while companies also use it as a platform to communicate their services and products to the world. is a functional channel with more than two years of experiences in business, has changed the impression of health and wellness concept in many viewers around the world. The aim of is to provide a holistic approach to promoting health care wellness to the general public and highlighting its importance. Caring for one’s health not only refers to the sickly or the elderly. It reaches out to the mass public, such as, the youth, adult, elderly and pregnant women etc.

The concept of maintaining a healthy existence is no longer restricted to doing physical exercises. With the introduction, of vast databases of health related information such as hospitals, doctor’s information, healthy diet, fitness centers, yoga clinics can be found in the program at one glance. Care world provides the need for both the affluent and the needy. Thus, affordability is no longer an issue. People no longer need to invest money in expensive healing sessions, gym memberships and spas in order to enjoy a comprehensive wellness care.

Other privileges of includes, educating the illiterate. Television programs make people remember by colourful display and animations. Moreover, Tv has universal appeal to everyone. Self help is attained by watching the programs. This enable people to be well informed and seek treatment early. Care world is available in most cable vision networks around the world with an extensive mass audience appeal. Hence, it has built a sound reputation with numerous positive feedbacks worldwide.

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