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No drinking water, prohibition sign D-P005 acc...

No drinking water, prohibition sign D-P005 according to German standard DIN 4844-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to drinking water, nothing should be compromised. The purer the water you are drinking is, the healthier it should be. But that is not the only concern or benefit that you can achieve from clear water. Aside from eliminating all impurities, if you can also get enhanced oxygen content, high level of hydration, and a fully refreshing taste wouldn’t you want all of those too?

That is what Adya Clarity wants to achieve. Adya Clarity is a drinking water additive that consists of magnetic sulfate and minerals. When it is combined with drinking water, the power of magnetism is unleashed. And as magnetism works, all the contaminants in the water will clump together and form sediments. Since sediments are heavier than the water, they will become larger and more visible. That is how Adya Clarity can make even the muddiest of water become clear. Read the rest of this entry »