How to Choose Touchscreen Gloves that Matches Your Phone

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Almost all touchscreen phones with capacitive LCD’s aren’t fit to work during the cold weather. It’s not that they’ll stop working during the winter season – it is your fingers that won’t up for the job. Can you imagine using your touchscreen phone with your bare hands out in the cold? Most touchscreen phones won’t work with your gloves on. It simply can’t detect your gestures as your body heat is insulated. So instead of getting frostbite, you’ll surely drop the idea of using touchscreen phones come winter and go back to the classic candy bar mobile.

Well, here’s the simplest solution to your woes – use touchscreen gloves. These gloves are especially designed, usually created with silver threads or soft metals on the fingertips, to make them fully compatible with your touchscreen device. So now, your only problem is to choose which is best for you.

Below are some of the crucial features of a touchscreen gloves:

1. Full finger functionality

The more fingers working for you, the better your winter touchscreen experience will be. Some touchscreen gloves have just the forefinger working. Others include the thumb. And there are an elite few that allows you to use all ten fingers so you can do touch typing. Simply decide whether you need all fingers or just one or two to work for you.

2. Comfort

The gloves should not hinder the functions of your entire hand and that’s one very important point. The gloves should be a snug fit so you can work in it quite easily. While the priority is to be able to use the gloves with your touchscreen phone, you should also be able to do other tasks with it just as seamlessly.

3. Protection

The gloves should protect two things – you from the cold weather and the touchscreen phone from possible scratches. Use the right type of touchscreen gloves for your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, or HTC. See to it that it won’t harm its aesthetic value. Some touchscreen gloves are manufactured with metal tips. Inspect very carefully if they are smooth enough for an unprotected LCD screen.

4. Fashion

Gloves, after all, have graduated to become a fashion statement during the winter. Women knew much about this. So if you’re quite particular with how the gloves would look on you, this feature is going to be rather important. There are touchscreen gloves that are offered in different colors, designs, and trends. Choose the one that’s just right for your taste.



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