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The days when we used to buy piles of CDs and play the latest songs using some kind of player are gone. These days, almost everybody makes use of online resources in order to download or listen to songs and other media.

The problem, however, is that most online websites that offer audio or video downloads are not actually legal to use. There are very few legal platforms that allow you to download songs and videos without getting into any hassle. One such rare platform is

What is really? is a website that allows you to convert content from various popular online video streaming websites into downloadable files. The site is completely free and legal to use.

Which formats can be downloaded?

If you want audio, your options are mp3, aac, m4a, wma, ogg and flac. In case you want to download something in video format, then you can get it in avi, mp4, wmv and 3gp format. In short, all the major formats are offered by the site.

How to convert something using the platform? is pretty simple to use actually. In order to download a file either in video format or in audio format using the site, all you need to do is search for that file in Vevo, Youtube, Clipfish or Dailymotion, and copy paste the link of the file in the conversion box available in the site. After that, it is just a matter of choosing your desired format, and then clicking the ‘Convert’ button. You can take an alternative route, too. That is, you can directly search for a particular file from the website in case simplicity is your thing.

Why use this particular site?

There are hundreds of sites that offer similar services, then why choose over others? Well, one reason is that the site allows you to download content totally legally. Another reason is that there is nothing you need to pay to download something. That means, you get legal, as well as free, downloads. In addition to that, you need not even register in order to download something. And further, the interface of the website is extremely intuitive and simple to use.

Are there browser addons available?

Absolutely! The site allows you to use addons, too. Addons are available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser and Safari.

Is the site worth using?

Frankly, yes! is one of the very rare sites that provide excellent service for zero cost. If you are into downloading files from the internet, you will really enjoy using the site.

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