Top Five Reasons That Make Netflix Popular

With over 36 million subscribers in the United States alone and nearly 50 million worldwide users in 40 different countries, Netflix can be regarded as an extremely popular service by any standard.

But what makes Netflix so irresistible and addictive in the first place? We think the following five things:

1. Great offerings for children

Netflix has a huge number of shows targeted at children in its online library. Because of that, parents often take advantage of it by making their children watch Netflix, instead of regular TV, when they are busy doing something else. Since Netflix enables parents to strictly control the viewing experience of their children, they need not worry about the children being exposed to some objectionable advertisement or content.

2. Convenience of use

Netflix is super easy to use. There is no need to leave the house even for a second in order to enjoy the service. All one has to do is click and click some more. The streaming rates are very fast, and the service offers a lot of features that make things a breeze. Besides, Netflix can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, and in almost any device – a laptop, a mobile, a gaming console, and many more.

3. Exclusive content on display

Many TV shows are only available to watch through Netflix. That is one of the top reasons why Netflix is so popular. House of Cards and Breaking Bad are just two examples of popular Netflix-only TV shows. There are many others like that.

4. High affordability

Netflix is one of the cheapest services of its kind. A user can subscribe to the service once and watch whatever he or she wants to watch limitlessly. In addition to that, users are not forced to pay any kind of late fees or penalty.

5. Sports streaming

One of the largest groups of Netflix users relies on the service for streaming sports only. Netflix makes watching sports fun, easy and convenient, and that further enhances its appeal to its users, especially the young ones aged between 18 and 24.

Despite not being a traditional cable network, Netflix is insanely popular. Once you take a look at the above reasons, it is not hard to understand why. The reasons given above are the top ones that make Netflix popular. Note that, in addition to the above reasons, there are a number of other reasons that drive Netflix to popularity.

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