Torrentz is a Meta search engine based in Finland and built for Bit torrent. It is managed by an individual referred to as flippy. It provides an index for torrent from different major torrent sites and also compiles different trackers for each torrent that are not always available in the main torrent file. This makes it possible for other trackers to do the work when a tracker is down. In 2012 and 2015, Torrentz was the second most popular torrent website.

The user interface of torrentz is minimal and simple. It is made of two basic blocks: a search panel and a user menu. There is no need for users to register before gaining access to search the files. The search field is enabled with auto complete feature and provides suggestions which are based on popular searches which suit the keywords being typed.

For a user to do a search, a string of keywords which are related to the required content is typed and the search is executed by either pressing the enter key on the keyboard or by clicking on the search button on the user interface. After this is done, a list of related torrent files will be displayed on the screen for the user to make a selection. The list may be selected by either by age (two days, a week, or a month) or by “quality and safety” (verified or good). “Verified” filter is applied to torrents which are uploaded by well-known groups. The “good” filter is applied by default.

Choosing a torrent from the list of search results will redirect the user to another page with a list of websites hosting currently the specified torrent which the user can use to download the files. When a user selects a host, he or she will be redirected to the external website where the download of the torrent file will be completed.

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