Lack of sleep and weight gain

Our days are fast paced, stressful and just plain tiring. However, many people find it difficult to sleep in the evening. There are many reasons that can contribute to insomnia and getting to the root of the problems is the first step. Unfortunately if insomnia goes untreated there can be many adverse health effects from lack of sleep. We will investigate why insomnia happens, why it causes weight gain and how to get a great night sleep.


There are many causes for insomnia that can be a hindrance to our day. If we are new parents, newborn babies wake for midnight feedings or even snoring. Yep, just because your spouse is sleeping sound and snoring it can keep you awake. Even our changing bodies and hormones can keep us from a great night’s sleep. Waking up with hot flashes, chills or just uncomfortable can lead to a severe case of insomnia.

Weight Gain

When our bodies do not get enough sleep we are dragged down the next day. We tend to not make the right food choices and that can lead to weight gain. Keep in mind, that the more weight you gain the more apt you are to snore. Can you believe that? Snoring and weight gain go hand in hand. It is possible for a smaller person to snore as well, but usually when a person gains weight it puts more pressure on the neck and therefore collapses the air way.

Change Sleep Pattern

One of the most important steps a person can take to get a good night’s sleep is first to take time to relax in the evening. Whether that means taking a bath, reading a book or just watching a little TV, take time to unwind from the fast paced day. Our minds tend to keep racing even when the rest of our body is tired and worn out. Just by taking a little time before you hit your pillow will mean the difference between three hours of sleep and eight hours of sleep.

Sleep is an important part of our lives and our health. We should not neglect it or ignore the symptoms and signs of insomnia. We need to get to the bottom of what is causing our lack of sleep and deal with the situation. Our lives are fast paced; our sleep does not have to be. Take time for you and rest your mind.

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