Natural Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, there are other options available to help besides sleeping pills. You can even find a remedy that is purely herbal so it is all natural. Herbs can be found at holistic stores and on the Internet pretty easily as well. Sleep allows you to stay healthy so it is essential that you find ways to fall asleep and stay asleep that work well for you.

One herbal sleep remedy is a cup of tea made from catnip, chamomile and/or passionflower. These sleep aids are great if you have trouble sleeping due to working late at night or tension. Catnip is a sedative, but it is also extremely gentle. Chamomile is great for helping to soothe the nerves and stomach. Passionflower is a sedative that helps to calm and overactive mind.

Hops, which are also used in beer making, are a great herbal sleep aid. This herb can be helpful if the insomnia is mild. They are often found in herbal sleep pillows as well. You can also take them internally via tincture or tea.

Kava is used to help promote deep sleeping and it can soothe nerves as well. Sometimes it can cause euphoria and typically will enhance dreams. This herb should never be used along with alcohol, nor should it be used if you have problems with your liver. This is the national drink of Fiji.

Valerian is a very well researched herbal sleep remedy and is quite well known. It is a non-addictive sedative that is mild enough to not give you a “hangover” feeling upon awaking. It is best to take this herb in a capsule form since it has a horrible smell and taste.

One recommended sleep aid is to steep anywhere from one teaspoon up to one tablespoon of a combination of herbs in one cup of water. The herbal combination should be somewhere around thirty percent valerian, twenty percent linden, twenty percent kava, twenty percent chamomile and ten percent catnip. After the mixture has steeped for about twenty minutes, you will want to strain out the herbs and sweeten it to taste. It is best if you drink at least half of the cup all the way up to drinking the whole cup. Also, by combining herbs and placing them in your pillow, it can help you to sleep. There are a variety of recommended blends available online.

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