Snoring Cures

If you find yourself suffering from snoring, do not fret because there are plenty of options for fixing this problem. Many of these snoring remedies are quick, easy, natural and inexpensive too. If you have been a sufferer for a long time and it is severe enough, then there are still options out there for you as well.

One quick snoring solution is to just change your sleeping position. When you sleep on your back it causes your tongue and soft palate to fall onto the back wall of your throat. If this happens then it causes vibrations, which we hear as snoring. By sleeping on your side it can keep this from happening. Having a body pillow handy will help keep you in a side-sleeping position. You could also try sleeping with your head up and extended. This helps to open nasal passages, but it could also cause neck pain or stiffness.

You should avoid alcohol as well. Alcohol, as well as other sedatives, reduces the resting tone of your muscles, including the ones in the back of your throat. This makes it much more likely for you to snore. Alcohol should not be consumed within four to five hours of bedtime.

Poor sleep habits can also contribute to snoring. For example, if you do not get enough sleep and work long hours then you go to bed extra tired. This causes you to sleep hard and deep, which means the muscles become floppier and you may end up snoring. To stop snoring, you just need to make should you are regularly getting an adequate amount of sleep.

Weight gain can also be a contributor to snoring. Fat is stored all over the body and weight gain in the neck can end up squeezing the internal diameter of the throat. This squeezing makes it more likely to collapse and cause snoring. Taking the time to lose some weight may help you to stop snoring.

There are also various anti-snoring devices. One of these devices would be an intranasal breathing aid. This device is inserted in the nostrils to help open up the air passageways so that there is less reliance on mouth breathing; this reduces the amount of snoring. There are also oral appliances such as mouth guards that help to open up air passageways by pushing the lower jaw into an ‘awake position.’ Again, the open air passageways means less vibrations and less snoring.

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