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How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Eating healthy and working out regularly helps lead a healthy life. But are you aware that by eating certain foods, you can increase your sexual stamina and overcome premature ejaculation naturally? Strange but true! Let’s have a look at certain foods that increase your stamina and helps you last longer in bed and lead a happier sexual life:

Steak: Steak is one healthy food that is known to increase your levels of dopamine, which makes you feel good. This also helps in raising your awareness to the arousal levels in the ejaculation process, preventing any early ejaculation. Steak also contains zinc, which helps to lower the level of prolactin in the blood.


Carrots and liver: Carrots and liver contain high levels of Vitamin A, which is an essential for a healthy sperm count. Liver also contains zinc, which is necessary because every time you ejaculate, you lose approximately 30% zinc in your body. While some men don’t like the taste of liver, it certainly helps in preventing premature ejaculation.

Ice cream: Strange, as it may sound but it’s a fact that ice creams, especially, vanilla, contain large doses of calcium and phosphorous. These help in improving your libido. Your PC muscles will be able to take advantage during sex, as they will be able to contract much harder and give you a much better control over ejaculation. Vanilla ice cream also helps in lowering stress levels of the body, which helps in better performance.

Celery: Celery is a ‘Super-food’ in the true sense and helps in increasing your sexual stamina, even if people think that it is a food for dieters. Celery contains androstenol and androstenone, which makes you more desiring to the opposite sex, and increases your virility.

Blueberries: Blueberries are considered to be the best anti cholesterol foods out there. They help keep the cholesterol from sticking to the walls of the arteries and therefore, it can easily be flushed out from the blood. As a result, the blood flow to the penis will be better which will help in stronger erection.

Therefore, never take eating habits lightly when it comes to overcoming premature ejaculation. You need to think yourself as a race engine and you truly are “what you eat”. To deliver the best performance, you require the best fuel. You will give a lousy performance if you put watered-down fuel in the engine. Thus, put the best fuel in the engine for best performance.

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  1. Sir , There is any medicine , precautions, exercise & eating habits to cure from pre mature ejaculation in both men & women ?

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