Forskolin Review

After my first son was born, it was easy to lose the “baby fat” I had gained. I’d had a great pregnancy and chasing an active toddler around kept me busy. Going to play groups and pushing a stroller on regular walks helped me to easily drop the 12 extra pounds in a matter of weeks. I had only struggled with weight once or twice before, back in college. Since then, I’ve managed to eat healthy food, indulge now and then, and maintain a respectably active routine.

The second pregnancy was harder, and after I came home, I felt sluggish and overwhelmed. I gained over 30 pounds and couldn’t seem to muster the energy to get out of the house. Now I had two adorable little boys, but it seemed like my youthful metabolism was history. I tried a lot of things low carb, low fat, Paleo, South Beach, Nordic, Coffee beans, Hydroxycut, appetite suppressants what a zoo!

I was sooo frustrated, because working out didn’t change my weight or my shape and eating like a bird gave me no power to exercise. My system wasn’t working to burn fat, and the stress was compounding the problem. At the end of the day, I resented working out because it seemed to have no impact. That made me feel a little hopeless and I’d snack more. It felt like an endless cycle.

One morning after several months of the weight loss battle, I was on the phone with my cousin probably whining about not being able to get into my jeans and she told me about a plant extract called Forskolin made from the leaves of the coleus. I always loved that lush red and green foliage that lined my backyard but I’d never have expected it would help me lose weight! Of course, my cousin was impressed with it because it was an herbal solution, and it had been used successfully to treat high blood pressure, glaucoma, athsma and other medical issues.

While all that was great, I just wanted something that would help me burn off my “baby belly” and get back into reasonable clothes. Was I surprised! Forskolin supplements started working for me within about two weeks. I dropped a few pounds each week after that, and of course this encouraged me to keep my workouts consistent. I loved knowing they were effective and pushed closer to my goal.

According to ,, Forskolin works by enabling cells to communicate with hormones and boosting the function of proteins. Metabolic support at the cellular level means my workouts are far more effective for burning fat on my belly and everywhere else. It’s important to make sure you’re taking the right dose, however. Everybody’s metabolism is different, and too much or too little of a good thing may reduce the effect. Some of the women I’ve spoken with who used Forskolin were taking a higher dosage at first, but noticed they had better results when they cut the dosage in half.

I’m not naive there’s no miracle drug for weight loss. Different things work for different people. Exercise has to be part of the formula for any healthy weight loss program. Of course, if you’re not willing to work out, Forskolin won’t do all the work for you. This is a supplement to boost metabolism, not to replace it. You have to understand that Forskolin works during exercise and extends fat burning, to raise metabolism beyond the workout. The enzyme boosters depend on you moving and expending energy. You’ll have to do the work but Forskolin can help drive your process.

For the last 3 months, I’ve taken 250 milligrams of Forskolin every morning, right before a 30 minute walk. If it’s raining, I get on the treadmill or do a 30 minute aerobic routine. I’ve managed to lose 21 pounds and I’m sure another 8-9 pound loss is around the corner for me. Forskolin has given me the extra power to make this happen, and to stay committed to my exercise plan, knowing it’s making a difference. I’m getting back into pre-pregnancy clothes, and the belly is under control.

I don’t ever expect to be a waif or a supermodel… but combining Forskolin with regular workouts and enjoyable, reasonably healthy food has had a major impact on my weight loss and my self-confidence. It’s working for me and I can recommend it for you as well!

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