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Essiac Tea, or “Tea of Life”, is a popular beverage used in alternative cancer treatment. During the last few decades, it has gained popularity among cancer patients as well as the healthy population trying to ward off cancer. Essiac Tea is also called Herbal Essence and Vitalitea, whereas Flor Essence is a more advanced form of Essiac. Even so, no clinical trial has ever succeeded in confirming the effectiveness of cancer treatment through Essiac Tea, at least in case of animal trials.

The history of Essiac Tea runs back to 1922, although its recipe or formula is much older. The herbal formula was revealed to a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse in Ontario, by a patient who claimed to have recovered from breast cancer by an Indian herbal tea. He had obtained it from an Ojibwa medicine man. Caisse used the recipe to treat her aunt who was suffering from stomach cancer. Later …» Continue Reading: Essiac Tea Side Effects

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Reumofan Plus includes many different ingredients like dexamethasone (a corticosteroid), diclofenac sodium (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), and methocrabamol (a muscle relaxant). The ingredients that Reumofan Plus includes have many different side effects associated with them.

Dexamethasone acts as an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant. Dexamethasone has many side effects that come with it some that you may need to get medical attention for and some that are less serious. Some of the more serious side effects are problems with vision, rapid weight gain, shortness of breath, and severe depression. Other side effects are seizures, coughing up blood, severe pain in the upper stomach and back, a fast heart rate, and dangerously high blood pressure. If you are seeing signs of these side effects, you should call your doctor right away.

Some less serious problems that may occur are problems with sleeping, acne or dry skin, increased sweating, headache, and muscle weakness. Even though these are some of …» Continue Reading: Reumofan Plus

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When it comes to adding a new drug, pill, or medicine to your daily regimen you will always run the risk of the side effects that might come with it. Before adding any new medicine to your daily intake you should always talk to your doctor. This way you can make sure what you are about to take is safe and be aware of the risks. This is especially true if you are already taking some kind of medication, if you are pregnant, or breast feeding. You should never take anything without knowing what you might experience as a negative side effect so you can be prepared.

Reumofan Plus is an herbal remedy that is used to help with arthritis and other muscle pain related injuries.  Arthritis is a disorder that is caused by inflammation of the joints. Even though there are different types of arthritis the most common are osteoarthritis (caused by age), psoriatic …» Continue Reading: Reumofan

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Cimavax EGF Cuba: A Boon for the Lung Cancer Patients

We should better start with an introduction to lung cancer. To define cancer, many of the studies published in the peer-reviewed journals suggest the phrase “uncontrolled cell proliferation”. There may be several reasons behind it. Most active effect

or ingredients of the cell are the proteins. Behind every action and behavior of a living cell, remains a lot of protein interacting with each other.

The epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a kind of protein molecule which recognizes the signal from the exterior for cellular growth. The positive regulatory signal at the epidermal growth factors result in triggering a cell proliferation pathway. Cimavax is a vaccine based on immunology principles which aimes at enhancing the secretion of the antibodies against the epidermal growth factors. It may be debated that Cimavax was primarily patented inPeru, but the Cimavax EGF Cuba is perhaps the most effective …» Continue Reading: Cimavax EGF Cuba

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A life saving Drug -CIMAVAX

Cimavax is a vaccination which is being used to curb the cancer. It is vaccination which is suggested for cancer which is originated from Cuba. The interesting thing about it is that it was also allowed in Cuba to be given to the in the adult patients who are already with IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer. Cimavax- vaccination is designed on purpose for active immunotherapy. In active immunotherapy every individual’s immune reaction is thereby controlled in order to bring about the effective antibodies of the cimavax which is known as epidermal growth factor. The resources or the ingredients form which this vaccine is made are very scarce that is why this vaccine is very limited in amount and due to this they are really very expensive.  The ingredients used in the making of this product are either currently discovered enough or are available in very small quantity in this world. …» Continue Reading: Cimavax

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Alive Marine Phytoplankton Scam

Marine phytoplankton scam is possibly one of the newest scams in the era of the food supplements. Phytoplankton refers to the lower group of the plant species available and grown in the sea water. It is a common idea even suggested by some of the medical professionals that taking alive marine phytoplankton turns good for health. Even they suggest that it can be used as supplements. Actually, marine phytoplankton can be a good food supplement as they are rich in proteins and some chemicals essential for the normal growth of the body. Now-a-days, it is also suggested as a food supplement for the protein calorie malnutrition patients.

Marine phytoplankton scam refers commonly to the claims by some companies of selling these phytoplankton “alive”. Even, it is being advertised nakedly by these companies. It is now the time to expose the truth that no such things like an “alive” marine …» Continue Reading: Marine phytoplankton scam

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Is There An Easy Way On How to Quit Smoking Pot?

Smoking pot can be very addicting, which means that it would be quite difficult to completely kick the habit out of your system: that is if you do not have the determination and the help of those who are willing to support you in your quest to clean yourself up. As a matter of fact, to help you start the ball rolling, there are several ways through which you will learn how to quit smoking pot.

The first step to stop your pot addiction starts within you. This means that you need to first muster all the determination to really quit.  And one way to do it is finding out the reason why you got into the habit in the first place and why you really want to get over the habit. Of course, there would be set backs and obstacles …» Continue Reading: How to Quit Smoking Pot

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What Are the Signs of lung cancer?

If you would take a look at the leading causes of death in the country, you shouldn’t be surprised that lung cancer would take the top spot. This is the reason why those who are considered to be heavy smokers should take these health related statistics seriously, not only to make them aware of what their smoking can do to their health, but to also get to know if they are already showing signs of lung cancer.   Now, if you are not a smoker and you know someone who smokes a lot, it would also help you and your loved ones have an idea on how to detect signs of lung cancer. This way, treatment can immediately be administered, should cancer be diagnosed even in its earliest stage.

A lot of people may think that running out of breath during and after several laps in the pool …» Continue Reading: Signs of Lung Cancer

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Many health experts nowadays have recently found a number of factors that can trigger lung cancer to people. Cancer of the lungs is one of the deadliest cancers in the world and one of the most common factors that contribute to it is smoking. Medical experts have also recently found other factors that cause cancer of the lungs include environmental pollution and asbestos. Although this cancer isn’t topping the list off of the deadliest cancers in the world, this isn’t to say that people must completely ignore this. If you’re going to take a look again at the leading factor that causes death from this cancer, it can be easily prevented. The sad truth about smoking is that, a lot of people still choose to ignore this undeniable fact and they just keep doing it.

Another factor that causes lung cancer is asbestos. Some people may not know what that is; simply put, …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer

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Many women yearn to get a child, yet few of them would ever have anticipated getting haemorrhoids due to pregnancy.  They are not as uncommon as some may think, especially among pregnant women. Those who have never had them are more likely to get them during their pregnancy.

Why do they occur?

Pregnant women are more likely to get baby haemorrhoids in the later stages of pregnancy because as the foetus grows it exerts more pressure on the veins and arteries in the rectum. It is this same pressure that has been known to cause varicose veins and clotting in pregnant women as well as other pressure related illnesses. Keen observation of senses in the lower abdomen, below the uterus level is key in detecting haemorrhoids. No pain is insignificant and one should not endure unnecessary discomfort if it can be averted.

Constipation is another cause of baby haemorrhoids that most are not …» Continue Reading: Baby Haemorrhoids

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Most men will not admit it but the facts, is they contribute to half of all obstacles that lead to infertility.  In the past, women were solely to blame for infertility problems or delays in conceiving. Science has shown otherwise. A common misconception about male fertility is that it is just about sperm count. Male fertility is complex and there are many physiological parameters to the condition. However, in this article we mainly focus on increasing sperm count.

Dietary Supplements and Sperm Count

There are known food supplements that have been developed to enhance sperm production and increase sperm count. In 2007 research by fertile aid for men showed that antioxidants, the amino acid, L-carnitine, minerals like selenium and Zinc help promote sperm motility and concentration. Anti-oxidants scour damaging free radicals from our system that cause oxidative stress to tissue and impair metabolic processes including spermatogenesis. L-carnitine plays a major role in spermatogenesis and …» Continue Reading: How to Increase Sperm Count

postheadericon Sperm donation

Considered by some to be an easy way to make an honest buck, sperm donation has brought many barren women and childless couples untold ecstasy. Though not as faddish as it was 10 or 15 years ago, sperm donation has not been phased out yet. Sperm donation has made it possible for couples who were once unable to conceive a child, to now be able to.

Who uses it?

Couples who cannot conceive due to sterility in men still use this as an avenue to have their desired family. Some couples do not want to pass on a genetic defect found in the male genes or an infection from the male spouse. Single women who still yearn to have children turn to this mode of fertility to get their desired family. Lesbian couples also prefer to conceive through a sperm donor.

Donor Selection

For those who are daring, they can ask a friend or …» Continue Reading: Sperm donation

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Smoking is a very destructive habit.  If you are a very constant smoker,it can result to chronic bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis which nickname is smokers lung,  is a very chronic inflammatory disease. It can cause the respiratory systems to be irritated and ineffective, it is considered to be a chronic inflammatory condition in the lungs.

The symptoms of chronic bronchitis are deep coughing and difficulty in breathing. Chronic bronchitis is like a deep cough that occurs after about three months of smoking.

Chronic bronchitis is caused by smoking, and the rate and effect of this disease depends on how long an individual have been smoking

Other symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis are shortness of breath, difficulty in coughing and different chest infection or disease.

According to the news i heard recently, smoking is now the major cause of almost all the cases of chronic bronchitis .  if you are a …» Continue Reading: Smokers Lung

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TA-65 is an extract of  a dry root called  {astralagus membranaceus} which is a vital part of the immune system. It is known  to decline the amount of natural cell killers after about a few month of use.

It is a Telomerase activator that was founded by a Carlifornia based company known as Geron and it was commisioned by T.A  sciences.

It is a molecule that can activate or hasten enzyme telomerase which can strengthen the  telomeres.

The formation of TA -65 started from tons of some plant materials that were planted from some farms in a locality in the country of China. During the process of the plant extraction, the main astralagus was discovered.

After the extraction, the base product is further refined and purified  and then it is transferred to a place where it will be tested for  pesticides and purity.

After this process, it is then sent to  …» Continue Reading: TA-65

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Before i go into the main topic, don’t you think you need to know what is meant by Valerian?

Valerian is a very good perennial flower and it is found in some native parts of Europe and Asia. When it comes to pharmachology,valerian refers to an herb supplement which is prepared from the roots of the plant. Despite it relevance in pharmacology, it possesses sedative effect in the body.

Valerian is used a very long time ago by ancient greeks as a medicinal herb and it is known as a remedy for Insomnia. It is also used as a nutritional supplement in food.  Around 1994 to 1995, it was highly recognized by the health and  education act as the best product for sleeping.

I think i have educated you enough on the subject, now lets move to the main aspect of this topic.

Valerian pills is used …» Continue Reading: Valerian Pills

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Sleep hypnosis is a very effective therapy for sleeping problems, it is a vital tool used to help the mind and soul rest after work. Before i go into the main topic, let me educate you  a little by letting you know what hypnosis is all about.

Hypnosis was founded and defined by a reputable Scottish surgeon called  James Braid. He defined hypnosis as a form of consciuosness that looks like sleep. Hypnosis was actually derived from the word neuro hypnotism which means a nervous sleep.

Hypnotism is a state of relaxation that involves mental focus or concentration. Not quite long ago, in 2005 hynosis was redefined by school of psychological hypnosis as thoughts or imaginative experience that results from day to day activities.

Hypnosis is accompanied  by hypnotic induction that involves the  reducing psychological function of the entire body. Now lets go to the …» Continue Reading: Sleep Hypnosis

postheadericon Sleeping Aids for Children

The best alternative to help your kids sleep better.

It is quite challenging and disturbing when you find out your little one is not sleeping as he or she is supposed to. As a parent, you can use different sleeping aids to help make your baby  sleep better. But it is very important that you are educated enough before you start applying  anything on your kid.

As a parent, you can use Melatonin which is known as the best nutritional supplement to help children  sleep almost immediately. The pill has a  miraculous sleeping ability that can help your baby sleep well.

You need to also be aware that doctors  do not agree with the usage  of Melatonin for children. Accoding to a US journal i read recently, the amount of Melatonin used for children rose to over 15% in 2005. And in the following year, it rose to over 16% and …» Continue Reading: Sleeping Aids for Children

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A typical scanning electron microscope  has a magnification range of about 15x to 200,000x and a resolution of 5 nanometers. It is an electron microscope that has a very high energy beam of electrons and a raster scan pattern.

It contains a general information about surface topography,electrical conductivity, and a very high composition. The first image was first taken by  a scientist known as  Max Knoll, he actually took an image of a silicon steel that has property of an electron contrast.

Then in 1965, was further developed by a professor known as  Charles Oatley in the  Cambridge scientific company.

X rays can also be detected in an equipped  scanned electron microscope.  It can only be able to detect X rays if it has  X ray spectroscopy, wavelength spectroscopy, and energy dispersive spectroscopy.  It has the ability to image very large materials and a small area of a …» Continue Reading: Scanning Electron Microscope

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It  is very important that you maintain a very healthy eating. Unhealthy eating  involves  eating  of foods that can cause disease to the human body. Your health must be your primary responsibility, you must not skip meals or eat junk food.

In  this age we are in,  the internet , fast cars, fast food and even fast banking  have taken our time and schedule such that we are not conscious  of our eating habits.  Taking  time to watch the food and water we take is very important to our health .

Like a saying i always hear from my Dad when i was small, that ‘’health is wealth’’.  We have become so busy that we hardly notice the food we take into our body. Furthermore, many of the food we take that we actually believe will make us maintain a good balance diet may lead to weight gain.

» Continue Reading: Unhealthy Eating

postheadericon Lung Cancer X-ray


As we all know ,that lung cancer patients are increasing speedily day by day in our society. It is very important you go for an xray once you detect you have lung cancer.

Before going into this aspect, you need to be educated about everything that results to lung cancer

Lung cancer foremost is caused by smoking. Smoking is one of the ways you can do to speedily develop lung cancer. According to cigarette companies, cigarette contains a very high amunt of carcinogens which can be very destructive to the lung.

Because of the increasing amount of smokers, the United nations are taking active measures to stop this addictive and destructive habit.

Cancer is a very well known disease by all. And every year so many people fall as a prisoner to this dreadful prey. There are different forms that takes to affect the …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer X-ray

postheadericon How to Get Rid of Sore Throat


Friend, is your sore throat getting you down at work? No need to worry as there are  answers to your problem in this article.   As we all know, sore throat is caused by changing  environment conditions or the excessive drinking of cold water.


According to the news i heard recently, sore throat is more common in children than in adult because the sore throat common among young children is just a mild sore throat that can be easily  be cured at home.  Although, if treated at home and is not improving  please consult your doctor.


There are so many things you can use to get rid of sore throat.  Before going into them, let us take a look at  some practical steps you can put into action to reduce the pain of your sore throat.


1} Avoid cold drinks or water.


2} Occasionally, drink a lot of hot water to …» Continue Reading: How to Get Rid of Sore Throat

postheadericon Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer


For individuals with lung cancer, chemotherapy can be a very effective treatment.

Chemotherapy can be defined as a cancer treatment that stops or decrease the fast growth of cancer cells. It can be taken into the  body either through the mouth, vein, and muscle.

Chemotherapy  is usually performed in hospitals and clinics. It depends solely on the treatment type, or on the person’s general health state.

When inserted into the body it can reach the cancer cells through a process known as systematic chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be placed in the abdomen or cerebrospinal fluid. When inserted in these areas,  powerfully destroys the cancer cells present in that area.

There is also a process known as regional chemotherapy, it involves the stage or level at which the cancder cell is being treated. Theere are also some cancer treatment like  laser  therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and endoscopic stent placement.

» Continue Reading: Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

postheadericon Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Could be having Symptoms of Lung Cancer Lung cancer is one of the prevalent conditions around world and mostly, associated with tobacco or cigarette smoking. The truth behind this type of cancer is that it can be caused by a varied number of reasons and not necessarily smoking whereby even non-smokers can get such a diagnosis. Therefore, it is advisable to get medical check-up at least once a year to arrest the condition before it spreads or becomes malignant especially if it is a malignant type.

One of the many factors that we need to know about lung cancer is that it is as a result of mutation of cells whereby instead of cells dying naturally they continue multiplying forming a lump around an area. Therefore, it can either be malignant whereby it spreads to other parts of the body or benign where the abnormal growth of cells are localized or are in one place. …» Continue Reading: Symptoms of Lung Cancer

postheadericon Apple Cider Vinegar Coughs Remedy

Apple cider vinegar coughs remedy and benefits

The apple cider vinegar coughs remedy is a natural remedy for cold, flu and sore throats and with the right dosages your nose and throat should be clear in a few hours. This remedy has not only been a remedy for coughs but other ailments which can list up 18 of them making it a “multi-functional” remedy. Otherwise, most people have reported positive effects of the apple cider vinegar coughs remedy when they mixed it with honey and a bit of water. Actually, its effectiveness lasts through a night till morning where people with coughs reported feeling fresh and the cough had disappeared. Therefore, some of the remedy benefits are as follows: For those who are suffering from a cold they need to take a teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar in a half glass of water at least several times a day. The whole idea is to balance out …» Continue Reading: Apple Cider Vinegar Coughs Remedy

postheadericon Bloodless Glucose Meter 2012 

For people suffering from Diabetes and any other sugar level related ailment well there is the bloodless glucose meter 2012 which should act as a savior to the painful finger-stick glucose meter. The traditional of method of measuring sugar levels in your bloodstream involves pricking your forefinger then pouring the blood drops on the glucose meter. Now imagine doing this 3- 4 times a day, chances are that the fingers are sore and genuinely sick and tired of the pricking.

Therefore, the medical innovators have gone a step further to create a bloodless glucose meter which is meant to serve the same purpose as the needle sticks only that it does not need any blood to check your glucose levels. The gadget uses an electric current to draw interstitial fluid found on your skin sweat glands and give readings of your glucose levels. Otherwise, there are facts on bloodless glucose meter 2012 which are:

The device …» Continue Reading: Bloodless Glucose Meter 2012 

postheadericon Naturopathic Doctor

A naturopathic doctor is simply a doctor who uses herbs and other natural components to treat illnesses and manage certain conditions. When it comes to naturopaths it is important to find someone who is qualified to administer natural remedies to various medical conditions. On the other hand, if you find a naturopathic doctor it is advisable that you know some of the doctor’s qualifications and their certifications to carry out their practice. The reason being, there are people who want money and will do extensive internet research on natural remedies to some conditions and then avail them to you at a charge. A qualified doctor must only advice but never treat any condition unless he or she has run medical tests on you to determine what you are suffering from. Some of the tips needed to choose a Naturopathic Doctor are:

Certification from a reputable Medical Institute Most medical institutes do offer these options where …» Continue Reading: Naturopathic Doctor

postheadericon Possibility and price of adopting child internationally 

The possibility and price of adopting child internationally will vary from one nation to another with some countries have more stringent rules than others. Otherwise, most of the policies for child adoption must be compliant to the international law acts as well as the country’s laws. Therefore, this only means that the price and possibility of doing so will depend what the country’s constitution has dictated on child adoption. This may also mean that you need a good lawyer or agency from the prospective country, that is quite knowledgeable on the procedure of child adoption and also consider consulting the relevant organizations in the prospective country for child adoption. Some of the things you may need to assess the possibility and price of adopting child internationally are:

Adoption options Most of the time, you have a choice of adopting a child using private adoption or agency adoption. In most scenarios, using agencies for adoption is …» Continue Reading: Possibility and price of adopting child internationally 

postheadericon Infertility statistics 2011 and 2012

For the last few years infertility rates have increased exponentially in both men and women where at least the main cause of infertility is attributable to biological reasons and only 10% attributed to psychological and emotional reasons. Infertility statistics 2011 and 2012 indicate that the infertility rates have been on the rise at an alarming rate. On the other hand, there are usually two types of infertility which are primary infertility and secondary infertility. Primary infertility is when a couple is not able conceive after one year of regular intercourse or a woman is unable to carry a baby to full term while secondary infertility is when a couple cannot conceive after the birth of their first child. The condition can affect both men and women whereby 40% is attributed to women, 40% to men and 20% to both.

Currently, infertility statistics 2011 and 2012 indicate that at least over 90million people across the world …» Continue Reading: Infertility statistics 2011 and 2012

postheadericon List of Over the Counter Sleeping Pills

There are a number of people across the world who struggle with sleeping disorders and some of these disorders include insomnia or lack of sleep. Therefore, instead of such victims seeking medical help they end up preferring over the counter pills. These pills are normally herbal, supplements, or hormones and very few are medications that have proved efficient. This also means that it is good to have a list of over the counter sleeping pills where most of them will help you sleep through the night and if taken consistently will help alleviate insomnia all together. Some of these pills include:

Herbal Zolpidem Sleeping Pills These are not prescription sleeping pills and are a great recommendation for persons suffering from insomnia especially short term. The sleeping pills act as mild sedatives helping you sleep through the night and make you wake up in the morning feeling like a new born baby. In other words, with …» Continue Reading: List of Over the Counter Sleeping Pills

postheadericon Jet Lag Insomnia

Jet Lag Insomnia: The Traveler’s Bane

With so many people traveling through different time zones to conduct business or for pleasure, Jet Lag is a commonly known phenomena. Jet Lag, also known as desynchronosis and flight fatigue in the medical community, is the result of the body’s natural circadian rhythm being thrown off by traveling between time zones. Insomnia is a common manifestation of Jet Lag.

Jet Lag Insomnia occurs when the body tries to continue to operate on its normal time zone. For example, a Californian flies to London. The Californian’s body will continue to operate on US Pacific Time, even though London is nine hours ahead. The result is insomnia as the body attempts to adjust to this change. The variation of how long this lasts depends on a number of factors including how many time zones were crossed. For example, if the traveler crossed six time zones, it’ll take the body about …» Continue Reading: Jet Lag Insomnia

postheadericon Food Pyramid 2014

The food pyramid released by the US Department of Agriculture is a guideline of daily servings to make sure people get well-rounded nutritious dietary intake. Due to the change in needs for the American people and the rise of obesity, the food pyramid was revised in 2011.

The food recommends certain daily values for wheats and grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and fats/oils. In January 2011, First Lady, Michelle Obama released the new pyramid which prompted the launch of, which aims to help Americans figure out how apply that to their lives. Rather than one generic pyramid for everyone, the new food pyramid takes into account life stages such as: children, toddlers, pregnant women and breastfeeding women, and adults.

Not only does the new 2011 food pyramid have servings listed; it gives examples of how those portions should look on your plate and what constitutes a serving. The new guidelines for healthy eating include …» Continue Reading: Food Pyramid 2014

postheadericon Cimavax-egf Price

Cimavax-egf is known as a vaccination recommended for cancer which is originated from Cuba. It was also licensed in Cuba to be applied in the adult patients who are already with IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer. Cimavax-egf vaccination is purposely designed for active immunotherapy whereby every individual’s immune reaction is thereby controlled in order to bring about the effective antibodies of the cimavax-egf which is known as epidermal growth factor. As a result of the scarcity in this vaccine, cimavax-egf price is very high. It could only be used only when it is highly recommend.

It has been observed that the second leading disease that can cause untimely death is cancer. This is very common in Cuba. In fact, cancer is known to be their major disease in this place. It is such malignant diseases that need urgent attention before its full escalation. The reason is that whenever your lung is affected, then death is …» Continue Reading: Cimavax-egf Price

postheadericon Treatments for Lung Cancer – Alternative View

THIS IS JUST AN OPINION: Obviously, there are certain things we must understand when it comes to lung cancer. Imagine that your doctor has just reveled to you that you are suffering from lung cancer and you cannot live beyond 12 months. What will be your initial thing to do if you are in such a predicament? Well, you will be running from pillar to post, exploring the internet and asking for joint prayers all in a bid to find solution. Reason being that you have been informed that lung cancer has no cure but ultimate death.

We believe that maybe  it has solution if only you can be open-minded to the latest perspective. In consideration to the current modern technology, huge resources being budgeted for researches for lung cancer, billions of dollars being gulped on experiments and lab tests, we are supposed to be hopeful that somehow, there will be sure. The question is …» Continue Reading: Treatments for Lung Cancer – Alternative View

postheadericon Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy

It is a sad reality of our ear that irrespective of immense development in the field of science, cancer is an incurable disease. Most of their victims are cured in early stages. One of the worst cancer diseases is a lung cancer. Lung is a very vital organ of human body; all organs of the body totally rely upon the oxygenated blood which is purified in lungs. This is the dilemma that most of those patients who are discovered suffering from this case; their disease is diagnosed in later third or fourth stage where life expectancy is very low, maximum one year. At 4 stage of lung cancer almost every vital organ of the body is attacked by cancer cells. Through blood cancer cells are transported to every vital organ of the body. . In addition to variations between different people, it is important to keep in mind that statistics are frequently a few years …» Continue Reading: Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy

postheadericon 15. World Conference on Lung Cancer 2013

In this advanced era where scientific research and inventions are at their peak, unfortunately there still exist such diseases which can not be curable in acute stages. It is estimated that lung cancer accounts for about 14% of all new cancer cases in 2011, but will cause nearly 27% of all cancer deaths. Over the past three decades, little improvement has been achieved in extending the lives of lung cancer patients. In the late 1970`s, about 37% of people survived one year or longer after initial diagnosis; now, three decades later, this number has only improved to 42%. People are becoming its victim in their ignorance. In order to make them aware and to give them solutions and advices, worldwide conferences have been held.

15th world conferences on lung cancer is going to be held in Australia in 2013.15th world conference on lung cancer is providing a platform for the propagation of the latest research …» Continue Reading: 15. World Conference on Lung Cancer 2013

postheadericon Home Medicine

Home medicine for scars

Do уоu have асnе sсаrring but рlаstiс surgery is out of the question? No nееd to worry. While is Home medicine that will help уоu to rеduсе sсаrs.

In two simple stерs, all уоu nееd to do to аffоrdаblу imрrоvе уоur асnе sсаrring is:

1. Gently rеmоvе the dаmаgеd lауеrs of the skin and

2. Nurture уоur skin with соllаgеn and moisture building fооds so that уоur skin саn more rарidlу rераir itself.


If уоur асnе sсаrs dark, уоu can use lemon juiсе as а Home medicine to lighten them- Cleanse уоur fасе with lemon juiсе. Dab one tеаsрооn of lemon juiсе into а соttоn ball and smооth it оvеr the асnе marks. Leave for ten minutes, then rinse. Use саutiоn with lemon juiсе bесаusе it саn make уоur skin рhоtоsеnsitivе. So be сеrtаin to use а sunsсrееn on any аrеа уоu trеаt with lemon juiсе рriоr to going out …» Continue Reading: Home Medicine

postheadericon Xanax Pills

What are Xanax Pills? The modern world has bесоmе very fast, moving at brеаk nесk sрееd. With сutthrоаt соmреtitiоn in еvеrу sрhеrе of live, реорlе in various stages of life suffer from аnxiеtу disorders. To stау alive in this mad rасе, many реорlе resort to аnxiеtу drugs like Xanax Pills, which help them in bаlаnсing their hесtiс lifеstуlе.

Ассоrding to the latest survеу of the Nаtiоnаl Institute of Mental Hеаlth, 19.1 million Аmеriсаns in the age group of 18-54 suffer from аnxiеtу disorders. These disorders might оссur in various forms, from swеаting in an interview, fеаr of the public, inability to slеер, stress in the wоrkрlасе, dерrеssiоn at home еtс. The sуmрtоms of аnxiеtу disorder саn be еаsilу identified.

There are many rеаsоns behind all these fеаr, stress, раniс and dерrеssiоns. Thеу mау be еithеr рhуsiсаl or рsусhоlоgiсаl. А serious ассidеnt at one рhаsе of уоur life would make уоu раniс еvеrу time уоu соmе …» Continue Reading: Xanax Pills

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Over the Counter Sleeping Aids Can Help

For those suffering with insomnia or who have trouble falling аslеер or stауing аslеер thеу know it саn be а very frustrating рrосеss trying to get bасk on а regular sсhеdulе. While there are many different things уоu саn do to try to get bасk on а normal slеер сусlе many реорlе find relief with over the counter sleep aids. Here is а lооk at what to еxресt from оnе of these helpful slеер inducing рrоduсts and where to рurсhаsе them.

There are sеvеrаl different vаriеtiеs of the over the counter sleep aids уоu саn сhооsе from. There are some that are made of milder ingredients which are gооd for those who have only bееn having slеер рrоblеms for а short реriоd of time. This соuld be from а sudden time сhаngе, jet lag or сеrtаin сirсumstаnсеs.

For those who are dеаling with more sеvеrе situations or have …» Continue Reading: Over the Counter Sleep Aids

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Types of GERD Surgery

All surgery саrriеs risks, the оutсоmе depends on the skill of уоur surgеоn, quality of саrе and рlаin luck. It also dереnds to some еxtеnt on уоur own hеаlth bесаusе the better in shаре уоu are, the better а rесоvеrу уоu will have.

Surgery for GЕRD is usually not rесоmmеndеd, at lеаst in the еаrlу stages, bесаusе sуmрtоms are еаsilу trеаtеd with асid reflux mеdiсаtiоn, еsресiаllу РРIs or рrоtоn рumр inhibitors such as оmерrаzоlе/рrilоsес. Surgery to сurе gerd is usually suссеssful but there are GЕRD surgery соmрliсаtiоns that уоu nееd to be аwаrе of.

In the еvеnt that а раtiеnt suffering from gerd dоеs not get relief from lifеstуlе аdjustmеnts or mеdiсаtiоns, thеу mау turn to gerd surgery as а last resort. Аs invasive as gerd surgery mау be, it has рrоvеn to be а rеаsоnаblе solution and аltеrnаtivе to а lifetime of рill-роррing and disсоmfоrt due to GЕRD. There …» Continue Reading: GERD surgery

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Knowing more about Adenocarcinoma of the lung

Lung cancer is tumor in which arise from the cells liner the airways from the respiratory system. The adenocarcinoma of the lung is one of the main varieties of lung cancers, accounting pertaining to 32% of all cases of the disease. Arises from the actual secretary cells found in the epithelium lining the bronchi. Subdivided to cancer Nоn-Smаll Сеll Lung (NSСLС) еvеn more in thrее major variants: аdеnосаrсinоmа of the lung, squаmоus саrсinоmа of lung сеll and large сеllulаr саnсеr! While it mау sееm on the outside that such саtеgоriеs are tесhnо-tаlk just as much trеаtmеnt, the rеаlitу is very different. Just as there is а diffеrеnсе inside first рrеsеntаtiоn саnсеr аmоng small mоbilе or роrtаblе lung (SСLС) and NSСLС- Bесаusе SСLС dоеs have mеtаstаsizеd bеfоrе disсоvеrу, the only widely — the соursе of trеаtmеnt ассеssiblе is сhеmоthеrару. NSCLC is a bit more often while nonetheless localized …» Continue Reading: Adenocarcinoma of the Lung

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Facts about the lung cancer in women

Let’s fасе it! Lung cancer in women is the lеаding саusе of dеаths rеlаtеd to саnсеr in the United States. In fасt, the Аmеriсаn Саnсеr Sосiеtу еstimаtеs that more than 70,000 women die from this disеаsе еасh уеаr. Here are some fасts уоu nееd to know regarding this drеаdеd disеаsе in women:

Smoking and Lung Саnсеr

Many studies have аlrеаdу рrоvеn that the рrimаrу саusе of lung саnсеr is сigаrеttе smoking. Ассоrding to the latest statistics, аbоut 17% of women in the United States are smokers and this number inсrеаsеs еvеrу уеаr. Hоwеvеr, this number is still not rеlаtеd to the inсrеаsing number of this tуре of саnсеr in women.

Risk Fасtоrs for Nоn-smоking Women

Let’s fасе аnоthеr harsh rеаlitу that lung cancer in women is also diаgnоsеd in nоn-smоking women. Ассоrding to studies, here are the risk fасtоrs that соntributе to the dеvеlорmеnt of this disеаsе …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer in Women

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 Effective Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

Lung cancer is treated primarily by medical procedures but May only often, which is operable at the time of medical diagnosis. This treatment involves the removing a cancerous tumor or an entire lobe in the lung. In this type of cancer malignancy there is a possibility of melanoma recurrence after surgical treatment. To prevent recurrence, radiation treatment is very productive today.


Lung cancers react well to radiation treatment in early and advanced stages. Chemo is often given to small cell but not the types of small-cell to prevent a recurrence, even if a medical procedure removes detectable cells. People may experience side effects associated with medication in the short term, however they live a better standard of living once they disappear.

Using Drugs

A course involving lung cancer chemotherapy for United States can be administered intravenously in a outpatient basis, or orally in the country. Not all drugs are …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

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The famous anchor of the show Real Sport on HBO, Bryan Charles Gumbel was born on September 29, 1948. Before Real Sport show, he was a co-host on NBC`s The Today Show. He did his graduation from Bates College in 1970 and began his Television career in 1972. He started as a sportscaster in KNBC-TV. In the fall of 1975, Gumbel was hired by NBC as a co-host of its National Football League pregame show Grandstand with Jack Buck. On Dec 2009, during a live television show “Live with Regis and Kelly” Bryan Gumbel Cancer news was revealed in front of the world. Gumbel told the media that he had a surgery two months back to remove a malignant tumor from his lung.

The Bryant Gumbel lung cancer was a hot topic for media to gossip on. Everybody wants to know how he found out, his journey from diagnosis to post surgery recovery. On asking …» Continue Reading: Bryant Gumbel Cancer

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Want to conceive easily? Go by the Ovacue Fertility Monitor Review

Ovacue fertility monitor is a device created for women who want to conceive. An ovacue fertility monitor review showed that it senses the exact substance level of electrolytes in your saliva. Evaluates and processes the information and then shows the results on a colored screen. The ovacue monitor can correctly estimate your time of ovulating for a period of seven days ahead of time on a monthly basis. This improves the likely opportunity of you conceiving.

An ovacue fertility monitor review has shown that the device has helped many women in conceiving. It has been tested and has provided an accurate and reliable rate of success measuring to about 98%. By sensing the steady increase of estrogen the monitor will in actual fact predict ovulation. It does all the work, in that it detects the steady increase of estrogen hormone concentrated in your …» Continue Reading: Ovacue Fertility Monitor Review

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Defining Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer, reason being that the lungs are mostly exposed to the environment compared to other organs. We mostly inhale cancer causing substances in the air which later causes cell damage and afterwards become cancer. The well known cause of cancer is smoking. Cancer has two main types: non-small-cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. Non-small-cell-lung cancer is a term used to define all cancers that are not small-cell.

The treatment for non-small-cell lung cancer is the same on all. They make up the biggest percentage of all lung cancers. Each cell is named after the cell that caused the cancer. The most common types of non-small-cell lung cancer in the United States are:

Adenocarcinoma/bronchoalvelaor Squamous cell carcinoma Large-cell carcinoma

Like all other cancers, lung cancer is treatable if caught early enough. This is because it may not have grown …» Continue Reading: Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

postheadericon Lung Cancer Metastasis to Spine

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Lung Cancer Metastasis

Metastasis is the malignant spread of cells to other body parts. Lung cancer metastasis on the other hand is the spread of cancerous cells outwards from the lungs. It also involves the spread of cancerous cells to lungs from other parts of the body. Advanced lung cancer metastasis prolongs the treatment and has limited chances of survival.

The disease may metastasize to the chest area and respiratory organs and patients tend to experience same symptoms as primary lung carcinomas. This may include chest and back pains, difficulty in breathing and bloody coughing. When a patient has unexplained lack of appetite and loss of weight this could also be a sign. A patient with lung cancer metastasis symptoms may show signs of being fatigued as well. If the problems continue and become worse this definitely shows that the cancer is spreading. At this point there is need …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer Metastasis to Spine

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Understanding your Favorable Lung Cancer Cure

Lung cancer is a chronic ailment. It is brought about by the unrestrained growth of irregular cells in your body. The disease has led to the death of many men and women in the United States, and more are being diagnosed with the disease on a daily basis. When we talk of lung cancer cure it is advisable that you see a doctor in order to get the right cure. All it means is that you should get to understand your body then the right lung cancer cure that will be effective on you and increase your survival chances.

The lungs are very important organs in our bodies. They take up oxygen from the air and give it out to various parts of the body. They also release carbon dioxide from our bodies into the air.

Many lung cancers are avoidable. However, cancer develops over a period of time, …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer Cure Rate

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What You Should Know

Pregnancy isn’t easy. There are so many things to worry about and complications such as pre-eclampsia make things even harder. Most pregnant women are unaware of the dangers of such a disorder however. The purpose of this article therefore is to discuss what it is and the symptoms that you should look out for.

What Is Pre-Eclampsia? It is a disorder that women get during pregnancy and it involves convulsions. These convulsions are not pleasant and can create a lot of pain. As a general rule it happens after the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy and is more likely with your first child. Even if you do not experience signs of pre-eclampsia it does not necessarily mean that you have escaped it. Sometimes the symptoms can go unnoticed. It occurs before, during or after your labor, so it is important to look out for the signs. There are four stages …» Continue Reading: Eclampsia And Pregnancy

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Can You Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

There is no doubt that you will feel frumpy and a bit helpless after you give birth. Sometimes it can feel as though your whole body has been taken over and it is not yours anymore. Given the responsibilities of motherhood and the lack of energy you will experience, it can seem that losing weight is impossible. It can also be at the bottom of most women’s priorities. There is hope however, you can get your body back into peak condition and you do not have to be a celebrity with a personal trainer to do so. It is normal to have at least 8-16 extra pounds of weight after you give birth. Never fret, you are no different to other new mothers and there are loads of things that you can do to lose this weight. There is a good reason why you are carrying extra weight and …» Continue Reading: Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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Baby Hemorrhoids And How To Prevent Them

Unfortunately baby hemorrhoids are quite common in pregnant women. They can be very uncomfortable indeed and even those who have never had a hemorrhoid before are more prone to them during pregnancy.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Occur?

Hemorrhoids occur for a number of reasons, but they are more prevalent during pregnancy because of the pressure the fetus exerts on the veins inside your rectum, below uterus level. They are more common in those latter stages of pregnancy as the baby grows and exerts more pressure on the veins and arteries. This pressure does not only cause hemorrhoids however. It has also been the cause of clotting and varicose veins in pregnant woman as well as other pressure related problems. Keep your eye out for any changes in how you feel down below, as you do not want to endure any undue pain or discomfort if you can avoid it. …» Continue Reading: Baby Hemorrhoids

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Are You Suffering From Post Pregnancy Hair Loss?

After your baby is born you could notice that your hair begins to fall out at a faster rate than before, or a general thinning of your hair. This process is entirely normal, so do not worry that there is something wrong with you, you will not go bald. In most cases it can take up to a year until your hair recovers and stops falling out at this increased rate. It can sometimes be a worrying experience when you notice such a stark increase in hair loss after pregnancy. Your hair will normally come out in clumps when you fiddle with it in any way. Therefore you should see clumps of hair in the drain after shampooing and on your hairbrush.

However, you will not have any bald patches on your head and it shouldn’t really be apparent to anyone else. It is important to note …» Continue Reading: Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

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Proxeed has received good reviews from men who have consumed it over months. It ensures that the sperm quality increases as well as improves with time. This role is played by the ingredients that improve the overall performance of the sperm in males. The ingredients that are used are clinically proven and tested so that the consumers do not face any side effect.

For over 4 years, Proxeed has helped millions of men to conceive by improving the health and concentration of the sperms. Researchers have found that this supplement has actually worked in increasing the sperm count in males. Not only this, but the entire reproductive system is benefitted with its regular dose.

This supplement has proved its stand by helping men enhance their reproducing power. The non-fuss formula that can be consumed regularly in liquid form is the best thing about this supplement. Moreover, the new lemon flavor introduced recently has made its …» Continue Reading: Proxeed Review

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While Talking About Your 8 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, you can face uneasiness. Moreover, you face difficulties regarding overcoming your discomforts. Following some simple steps can make you ease your clumsiness.

If you face constipation during your 8 weeks pregnant, you should have a lot of leafy greens. Everything can work well from spinach to kale through broccoli. Having greens will help you, and your babies run fine in a longer run; it can be useful than using the drugs for bowel movements. The nutritional value of greens is to be reckoned. It is crucial to exercise when you are pregnant. However, you have to follow the right path. Walking is a great exercise in this instance. This type of exercise makes you have some fresh air; help you have a good rate for your heart, and let endorphins go.

Walking for 15 to 20 minutes can make you feel well. …» Continue Reading: 8 Weeks Pregnant

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Speman Review – How to Boost Your Sexual Confidence and Fertility

Worrying about the sperm count may not be one of the daily things that bother men but this can be an issue when there is a desire to have a child. This means that having the ideal amount of sperms is one of the factors that can affect a man’s fertility.

There are actually millions of sperms that are released during an ejaculation but out of these sperms only two hundred reaches the ovum but only one fertilizes the egg. This may cause some people to think that other sperms go to waste but it is actually important to have a normal sperm count. Per millimeter of semen, there are about 20 million sperms when the amount happens to be lesser, that person is probably suffering from low sperm count which is also known as oligospermia. This can be solved with remedies such as …» Continue Reading: Speman Review

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Profertil for Women Review – Effective Treatment for Male Infertility

Male infertility is an issue that deserves some attention even with the current population boom in the world. Even at this modern age, there are still males who cannot have children due to certain factors which can have an adverse effect on their sperm count, quality and motility. For many people, this may not be of much consequence yet there are many couples who cannot produce a child even after a year of unprotected sexual activity. For these people, it is important to have a thorough look at the factors that can possibly have an effect on the sperm’s ability to fertilize and egg and such things are discussed in the profertil review for women.

Infertility on the part of the male population can be the result of certain factors which includes hereditary traits. Nonetheless, this is not limited to genetics since the lifestyle of …» Continue Reading: Profertil For Women Review

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Educating yourself in the Homeopathic Remedies for Infertility in Women

Giving birth to a child is one of the most anticipated moments in a woman’s life. Some say that a woman may never feel complete unless she has carried a child in her womb, nursed and cared for it until he or she reaches the right age. Unfortunately, not all women are able to experience this fulfilling phenomenon due to factors that render her infertile. While there are medicinal drugs that fertility experts may prescribe their patients, it is still safer to use homeopathic remedies for infertility.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that deals with the natural methods of treating ailments. Medical professionals that practice homeopathy are called homeopaths. Homeopaths are extensively trained to be able to heal a person from within rather than just dealing with the symptoms of an illness or disease. Homeopaths are also equipped with the skill to produce …» Continue Reading: Homeopathic Remedies for Infertility in Women

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Homeopathic Remedies for Infertility

These days many people are searching for homeopathic remedies for infertility. The expense of conventional fertility treatments is one among the major barricades for young couples suffering from the conception issue. The costs of these treatments are preventing those from becoming parents, who actually want children. Apart from the expensiveness of conventional treatments, they are also painful and have some side effects.

One of the conventional treatments of infertility is Vitro Fertilization. Its average cost per treatment is $10000 and there is no guarantee of results. The method involves some problems that can lead to permanent infertility. The conventional treatments have failed badly and their results are disappointing. They put a lot of financial burden on the young couples and leading their marriage or relationships to destruction.

Since long there are other options available for improvement of fertility. One such alternative is homeopathic method of treatment. Homeopathic remedies are proved successful …» Continue Reading: Homeopathic Remedies for Infertility

postheadericon Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal Familial Insomnia – The Sleep That Never Comes

Most of us have insomnia or trouble sleeping from time to time but it is nothing like those who suffer from fatal familial insomnia. It has been labeled as the worst genetic disease of all time. It causes the sufferer to die an excruciating death and has no treatment and no cure. It does not show up until the patient is in their late forties or fifties. Doctors can do nothing to relieve the symptoms of sufferers. Nothing can induce sleep and they go for months without sleep. For them dreams and reality are one in the same.

It was discovered, in the Eighteenth Century, by a doctor who had several patients die of what was classified as regular insomnia. In the eighties, the Silvano family, direct descendents of the original family, came forward. They were studied and found to have the same problem. Silvano donated …» Continue Reading: Fatal Familial Insomnia

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What Are The Effective Cures for Sleep Apnea?

So what really is sleep apnea and can this sleep apnea be cured? Basically, it is a certain sleeping disorder that affects one’s breathing when he/she is asleep. It is where one’s breathing repetitively starts and stops. If you still feel tired even after a full night’s sleep, or if you snore loudly, then there’s a possibility for you to have this sleeping disorder that is considered potentially dangerous.

There are two kinds of treatment or cure for sleeping apnea; one is self-help treatment, and the other is medical treatment. Self-help treatment is composed not only of lifestyle modifications but also of home remedies.

Quitting smoking cigarettes is one example of self-help treatment for this disorder. It is believed that smoking increases fluid retention and inflammation in the throat as well as the upper airway. Avoiding sleeping pills, sedatives, and alcoholic drinks is another treatment. They may …» Continue Reading: Sleep Apnea Cures

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Acupuncture – Simple Treatment For Complex Problems

Acupuncture goes back thousands of years ago and was, and still is, a part of Chinese Medicine. It was not until some time in the seventies, that it became know in America. It is a simple technique believed to balance the chi, life force, of the body. This energy flow is believed to move from point to point in the body. When one of these points is restricted, the chi can set off all sorts of problems and sickness. Long needles are inserted into these points of the body to set the life force back to its original and natural balanced flow thus creating a healthy body once more.

The exact reason acupuncture works so well is still a mystery to Western medicine. It has been used successfully to treat everything from fibromyalgia to menstrual cramps. Skeptics believe that it is no more than voo-doo make believe but …» Continue Reading: Acupuncture

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White Blood Cells Labeled World’s Smallest Crime Fighter

You may ask why white blood cells labeled as crime fighters make much sense. In its simplest form white blood cells are how we fight infection. Like a thief who comes to steal our belongings, infections and other nasties, come to steal our health and well-being. This is when the white blood cells do their job. Without them, we wouldn’t stand a chance against all the ugly, unhealthy organisms we come in contact with each day. These tiny, but strong, crime fighters act as a force field keeping us safe from outside invaders.

Because they are constantly circulating in the blood stream, the white blood cells can go to an area of the body where they are needed. Normal adults have about seven thousand of these white blood cells for every micro-liter of blood. This adds up to a lot. They live only for a few days …» Continue Reading: White Blood Cells Labeled

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Reconnect With Yourself Through Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is essential to staying slim and energetic. For children, eating healthy is essential for proper growth and development. For adults, it is the fuel that keeps us going while we are at work or at home. When our diet is lacking, we feel run down and sick. Our daily life lacks motivation and drive because we simply do not have enough energy to keep up with all we have to do. Stress and anxiety take over simply because we do not take the time to eat healthy. What would happen if we all took a few extra minutes and sat down to a healthy, well-balanced meal?

Have you really ever taken a good, long look at what ingredients are in the food we eat? Healthy eating habits have long since been discarded for quick, convenient foods with low nutritional value just to fill us up so we …» Continue Reading: Healthy Eating

postheadericon Nutrition Pyramid 2012

Nutrition Pyramid 2012 – Changing The Way You Look At Food

The nutrition pyramid 2012 looks very different than the one we have grown accustomed to for the past twenty years. Most of us grew up looking at the multicolored pyramid, listing the many servings a day of each food group, and trying to decide just how to figure out the confusing mess. Carbohydrates were of the highest priority and fats were almost non-existent. Fruits and vegetables were to be consumed but in smaller amounts. After twenty years of eating this way, is it any wonder why we are all hitting the gym and trying any fad diet to hit the market. Will this new guide help Americans finally beat obesity?

The original food pyramid was introduced to the public in 1992. The public was left confused and unsure of what the right way to eat was and how to use this guide to stay …» Continue Reading: Nutrition Pyramid 2012

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The First Lung Cancer Vaccine, Cimawax egf (lung cancer cure)

The officials of Cuba have started producing the vaccine, Cimavax egf (lung cancer cure) after researching for 25 years, asserted by Xinhuane of China. The vaccine or Cimavax egf can actively be utilized as an active drug ingredient depending upon a protein. We all have this protein when the cancer is uncontrollable. However, the PopScience illustrated that Cimavax egf is not a defensive vaccine. Actually, it attacks the existing cancer of a patient.

In Cuba, this vaccine is tested on 1000 patients; however it is hard to authenticate. The head researcher of the project, Gisela Gonzalez informed the Chinese news sources that she is positive of the future of the drug. The drug, Cimavax egf (lung cancer cure) can keep the cancer in a manageable form. It can generate the anti-bodies against the proteins activating the unmanageable cell proliferation. This vaccine does not prevent the …» Continue Reading: Cimawax egf

postheadericon Pinprick test

Pinprick test is done for detecting a cutaneous pain on a person’s body and to differentiate the kind of sensation from the pressure stimuli. Pinprick test is done with the help of a pin or a needle. The test is done by applying the needle or the pin on the skin area where the person’s eyesight cannot reach. While using the pin on the skin the doctors take care to prevent the penetration of the needle to the dermis. Before using needle or pin on the skin, they are nicely sterilized to avoid infection. The pins are mostly discarded after the performed test.

Through a pinpricking the patient gets a tingling sensation on the parts where the pinprick test is done. Mainly the pinprick test is done on the fingers, toes, legs, etc. The tingling sensation is felt in the numbed part of the body due to the lack of blood circulation. The tingling occurred …» Continue Reading: Pinprick test

postheadericon Prices of woman eggs and men sperm in different countries

Infertility is basically a condition of the reproductive system where conceiving a child becomes impossible for some people. As technology progressed people who previously could not have children were blessed with kids through assisted reproduction. In this condition parents who cannot give birth will find donor who are ready to give eggs and sperms. There are many institutions throughout the world that find donors who are willing to give reproductive cells which are used later. These donors are also paid for giving their cells. The prices of woman eggs and men sperm vary with the market forces and it also depends on the donor’s biological difference. As women undergo hormone therapy and outpatient surgery they do get paid more as compared to men.

Men donors get paid less even if they make a longer commitment where as women get paid more even for a shorter commitment. Hence woman eggs cost more as compared to male …» Continue Reading: Prices of woman eggs and men sperm in different countries

postheadericon Placenta Bilobata

Placenta is a body organ and it basically connects the fetus to the uterine wall so that it can take nutrients from mother’s blood. This was the fetus is also able to exchanged gases and eliminate its waste as well. The placenta basically functions as a fetomaternal organ. It has two components one of them is fetal placenta which develops from the same egg and sperm that form the fetus. The other one is maternal placenta which basically is formed from the maternal uterine tissue. So it has two origins fetal and maternal. In case of abnormalities placenta can have multiple lobe. One such condition is bilobed placenta which is also known as placenta bilobata.

Placenta has a discoid shape and it has a diameter of 15-20cm. It weighs about 500gm and is about 2.5 cm thick at the center. Placenta is usually formed in the upper uterine system and connects the mother’s blood supply …» Continue Reading: Placenta Bilobata

postheadericon Oncimmune

Oncimmune, а trademark іn thiѕ day whісh asѕociаtеd wіth cancer diesis. Cancer whісh іѕ a thrеat present frоm a long time agо іn this earth. And tо reduce its conscious effect dіfferеnt people trу frоm thеіr оwn field tо hеlр thе affected onеѕ. Like the nаme Oncimmune whеrе a lot of words come tоgether tо fill it. Starting frоm a blood collection to supply medical apparatus tо differеnt test performed etс. In early cancer detection Oncimmune (USA), iѕ аn industry leader.

Thеу havе thеіr prominent goal whіch іѕ tо bе advanced early cancer detection to іtѕ pоssible greatest extent through thе Early Cancer Detection Test by usіng a technology called autoantibody aѕsау. To gеt succeed іn thiѕ goal, theу will strive to a number оf steps. Lіkе thrоugh thе health care provider thе test іs аvaіlаble made tо аt-risk individuals.

Thеn bу meeting the highest levels of laboratory testing standards аnd production and to ensure …» Continue Reading: Oncimmune

postheadericon Male tubes

In mоst сommоn bеlіеf, infеrtilitу is not јuѕt woman’s prоblem but сan аlѕо be preѕеnt in mеn. Studiеѕ ѕhоw thаt an еѕtіmated nіnеtу рercent оf the causes of іnfеrtіlitу іn men аrе bеcausе of іnsuffісіent spеrm, аbnоrmаl ѕреrm shарe, dесreаsеd spеrm mоtіlitу and low quаlitу ѕpеrm. The оther ten pеrсеnt аrе duе tо bоdіly рrоblеmѕ іn anаtоmy, hormоnal рrоblеmѕ, аnd genеtіc dеfects.

Sperm abnоrmalіtіеѕ lіkе the оnes mentіоned аbоvе аrе а рroduct of mаnу faсtorѕ likе diѕеaѕе, lіfеѕtуlе, gеnetiс bіrth dеfесtѕ, and еxроѕurе to сhemical оr hаrmful ѕubѕtanсeѕ. Low ѕpеrm сount or аbѕenсе оf spеrm сеlls саn be сausеd bу bloсkаge іn the ѕреrm pаѕsages. The sрerm cоunt сhangeѕ еvery tіme ѕo low spеrm cоunt may bе tеmроrarу.

Causes of infertility for men are different as it is a different system that we will be dealing with here. There can be blockages in the male tubes that carry sperm around the male tract. Sperm problems …» Continue Reading: Male tubes

postheadericon Elchuri tips

Ayurved is one of the oldest of medical science. Maharshi Pandita Yelchuri Venkat Rao is a very renowned Ayurvedam practitioner. Here are some of his tips, also known as elchuri tips:


For Complexion

Tomato: 50 gm

Carrot: 50 gm

Beet root: 10 to 20 gm

Lemon: 1 No.

Candy sugar (Patika bellam ) : 150 gm

Honey: 50 gm

Extract juice of tomato, carrot, beet root and filter the same. Add candy sugar powder to it and prepare ‘paakam’ on SIM flame only. Add honey and lemon to the above and store in a bottle.


1 to 2 spoons with one glass water along with a little fresh lemon juice. If blood is less, use 3 times a day.

The bi-product remaining after juice is extracted can be used for face pack.


Anemia problem subsides; skin glows and face complexion increases.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicinal procedure which has its origin in …» Continue Reading: Elchuri tips

postheadericon Oncimmune review

Oncimmune, a trademark in this day which associated with cancer diesis. Cancer which is a threat present from a long time ago in this earth. And to reduce its conscious effect different people try from their own field to help the affected ones. Like the name Oncimmune where a lot of words come together to fill it. Starting from a blood collection to supply medical apparatus to different test performed etc. In early cancer detection Oncimmune (USA) LLC, is an industry leader.

They have their prominent goal which is to be advanced early cancer detection to its possible greatest extent through the Early Cancer Detection Test by using a technology called autoantibody assay. To get succeed in this goal, they will strive to a number of steps. Like through the health care provider the test is available made to at-risk individuals.

Then by meeting the highest levels of laboratory testing standards and production and to …» Continue Reading: Oncimmune review

postheadericon Tramadol Side Effects

Tramadol is an opiate medicine that is used for treating moderate to severe pain. This article will talk about tramadol side effects as well as different things. When tramadol works it releases serotonin which is the main ingredient in working on relieving your pain. Tramadol is a synthetic sort of like codeine is and can be a very potent opiate in order to help pain. Tramadol can be used in every way that codeine can be used because it is often a substitution for codeine. Tramadol seems to have worked with patients that have depression anxiety and different types of phobias. Tramadol is classified as a central nervous system drug.

This article is about tramadol side effects so let’s get to it, the most common reported side effects from tramadol are nausea, vomiting, sweating, itching and constipation. Drowsiness has been reported but it is usually not a problem for an opiate of this caliber. People …» Continue Reading: Tramadol Side Effects

postheadericon Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam

Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam is a show specifically about health that will give you tips and remedies on how to go about your medical condition. This show has helped me out many of times, there was once that I was really sick with a very bad headache. And I happened to look up Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam TV shows online to see if they have anything that can help me with my pain. Shortly after finding this website that I can see the episodes from Pat found a remedy for headaches. I follow the entire remedy for my headache that I was having and I ended up having no headache after about an hour.

This show is very informative for people who are looking for anything health-related especially if you have no healthcare in your country. I cannot tell you the amount of times that this show has helped me just feel better every day. All …» Continue Reading: Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam

postheadericon Chirumamilla Murali Manohar

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine that has been around India for a very long time. There are a variety of different types of elements that are able to be cured by using this traditional Indian method. There are many people in India that follow this medical practice very closely because it has been around into the mid-first millennium, effectively meaning that it is one of the oldest traditional ways of healing different type of medical elements. Sometimes it can be called the science of eight components. Hinduism and Buddhism have been heavily influenced by this type of traditional medicine. It is emphasized that you must have a natural balance in your body such as only having a moderate amount of food intake sexual intercourse sleep and especially the intake of medicine.

Hygiene is a very important aspect of Indian cultural value, which means people bathe pretty regularly there. The bathing can be …» Continue Reading: Chirumamilla Murali Manohar

postheadericon TA-65 Scam or Real Anti Aging Treatment

What is TA-65? TA-65 is a treatment that increases the length of telomerase. The supposed benefit is that it will lengthen the telomeres at the end of your DNA strands.  It is proven that with aging the telomeres grow shorter and shorter til eventually a person dies.

From the information available on the web the TA-65 compound is a super special extract from a Chinese herb Astragalus. It is theorized that the content TA-65 is either made from Astragaloside IV or cycloastragenol, both compound are in the herb Astragalus.  The real quandary here is that the manufactures of TA-65 are not forth coming with the actual ingredients or compound in TA-65. Answering the question what it is is difficult to do since the mysterious contents are guarded and kept secret.

Who Makes it? TA-65 was developed by the bio med company Geron in California. T.A. Sciences has the license for the product TA-65.  They claim …» Continue Reading: TA-65 Scam or Real Anti Aging Treatment

postheadericon Bloodless surgery

Bloodless surgery is a term that refers to treating patients with non-invasive techniques. This means that no transfer of allogeneic blood is used. Surgeons who carry out bloodless surgery are often referred to as ‘dry surgeons’. In recent times there has been an increase in bloodless surgery for a variety of reasons, one being religious grounds as with Jehovah’s witnesses who reject blood transfusions and also people are becoming increasingly concerned with blood borne diseases such as AIDS.

There are many documented risks with bloodless surgery that have been reported. These risks include: damage to a vital organ, anaemia, tissue hypoxia, uncontrollable haemorrhage, which can lead to anoxic brain injury, myocardial infarction, bowel infarct, lung injury, or kidney failure.

Bloodless surgery is accepted by many doctors because it carries low risk of post-operative infection as opposed to with procedures requiring blood transfusion. It also been proven to be more economically beneficial in some countries due …» Continue Reading: Bloodless surgery

postheadericon Bloodless Medicine

When undergoing surgery if you elect not to receive any blood transfusions or blood products it is known by the term bloodless medicine. There are numerous medical and ethical reasons why a patient may choose this approach.

Bloodless medicine is a revolutionary field in medicine at the moment and is continually growing due to cutting-edge techniques being developed. Due to the innovativeness of these techniques it means that only a select amount of medical centres have the right equipment and clinical staff trained to carry out bloodless medicine.

Bloodless medicine techniques can be used before during or after surgery and can include a combination of diet, medication, surgical techniques, and other tactics. The most common objectives are to:

Increase red blood cell count prior to surgery. Monitor and optimize oxygen levels during surgery. Prevent blood loss during surgery. Recycling of your own blood during surgery by earlier collection.

People choose to use bloodless medicine for …» Continue Reading: Bloodless Medicine

postheadericon Oligozoospermia treatment

Oligozoospermia treatment: how to increase your sperm count

For those suffering from the frustrating problem of having a low sperm count oligozoospermia treatment can seem almost unattainable. In fact, for most men the problem is fairly simple to fix. Why? There are several reasons.

First of all, sperm counts fluctuate in men, so it is possible that the count is only temporarily low. Also, there a lot of lifestyle habits that can combine together to make the problem worse, but are easy to correct. We’re going to go through a few small changes that can help increase sperm count:

The first step in oligozoospermia treatment won’t apply to everyone, but it is extremely important: stop smoking. If you don’t smoke this obviously isn’t a concern, but if you do then it could be having a pretty large impact on your fertility issues. There has been a clear link proven with this, so please don’t continue …» Continue Reading: Oligozoospermia treatment

postheadericon Trying to get Pregnant

Are you trying to get pregnant? Try this:

As you frustrated with trying to get pregnant? This is without question one of the most frustrating things that you’ll ever have to deal with, but the good news is that there is hope. But what can you do? By taking it one step at a time and not letting your self get too overwhelmed or stressed emotionally, there is an extremely good chance that you can and will get pregnant.

The first thing that you need to do is get a good idea of what you’re up against. That means that both the man and woman in the relationship should undergo fertility testing to see if there are any problems. If there are not any problems then it might just be an issue of timing and simple fertility drugs could help regulate ovulation. In fact, those drugs might not even be necessary if you have a …» Continue Reading: Trying to get Pregnant

postheadericon Intrauterine insemination

Is intrauterine insemination right for you?

There are few things in the world that are more frustrating than having trouble conceiving. Luckily, modern technology and medical advances have made it much easier to conceive and have a child, even for those that have run into problems. Even though there are dozens of methods available, intrauterine insemination is one of the best for its cost. But what is it? Is it safe? And how does it work? By answering these questions you can know for sure whether intrauterine insemination is right for you or if you’d rather not try it. So, what is it?

It is simply inserting semen directly into the uterus into of relying on intercourse to cause natural conception. Because it is such a simple procedure it takes very little time, which of course is why it costs so much less than procedures such as in vitro fertilization. In fact, there isn’t much …» Continue Reading: Intrauterine insemination

postheadericon IVF procedure

What is an IVF procedure?

If you have been considering using in vitro fertilization, you’ve no doubt been wondering exactly what the IVF procedure is. While it is a fairly straightforward medical system with very few complications, it can seem a little strange for those used to natural conception. To help demystify the process a little bit, here is the exact 5 step procedure with a short explanation of each step:

Step 1: This is the critical first step that gets everything going; it is commonly referred to as ovulation induction. Fertility drugs are prescribed to not only increase fertility, but also to help to control the timing of the egg cycle (ovulation). The goal is to stimulate as many eggs as possible because not all of them will fertilize properly, and to ensure that this happens the doctor will do blood tests to ensure that hormone levels are the right amounts. This step has …» Continue Reading: IVF procedure

postheadericon IVF pregnancy

What is an IVF pregnancy?

An IVF pregnancy is a pregnancy induced using in vitro fertilization. I know, that doesn’t really answer the question. What is in vitro fertilization then? Even though it sounds complicated, IVF is nothing more than recreating the natural pregnancy process in a laboratory setting. Before you go into exactly how the procedure works, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, this is a great option for those who are having trouble with natural conception. Why?

Because an IVF pregnancy is almost no different front a natural pregnancy. It is the exact same procure as natural conception, but the steps are done in a lab instead of in the uterus (though it can be done in the uterus). However, this causes some issues that you need to keep in mind.

The first of these is that choosing to go with IVF pregnancy CAN cause discomfort. Please understand that …» Continue Reading: IVF pregnancy

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PrOfertil for Dads-To-Be

Being a Dad is the ultimate goal of almost all men. Those who get marry desire to have their own children. Kids make up a home. Every couple dreams to have their own kids…

However, not all men have luck on this matter. There is a considerable rate of infertility problems among men and it takes time for some to have it diagnosed. Fortunately, PrOfertil is there to help men overcome such problem. The medication comes in 60 and 180 capsules. PrOfertil is a dietary capsule for diet-related subfertility that happens in men.

The Male Infertility There are many reasons why a man gets problems of infertility. It could have something to do with his genetic makeup, lifestyle, health conditions, mismanaged stress, and it could also be related to his dietary habits. Infertility may also result due to the sperm abnormalities such as low sperm count, weak sperm movement, and the shape …» Continue Reading: Profertil Review

postheadericon Feel a world of difference. is the only satellite Tv channel on health and wellness in Asia. Increasing trend in the healthcare industry over the years causes India to recognise a need to induce informative and updated information on health and fitness to the viewers. This is welcomed by the health conscious masses hence creating the need for development of this program.

The aim of Channel is to promote health consciousness to the mass public in Asia by a series of practises in the health sector to integrate fitness and health in an overall picture comprising of Body, Mind, Soul and Beauty. highlights the best of therapies, medicines, beauty tips and self care information through their team of healthcare professionals. There are also other entertaining programs such as, guide to health diet, meditation, mind training and healthy food. provides a platform i providing useful health information as well as narrowing …» Continue Reading:

postheadericon Causes of infertility

Several things can happen to cause infertility. This can happen with the female, male, or both partners.  Or, it can be several things happening to either, or both partners at one go.

When it is multiple causes with both partners, a scenario like this may play out; The woman has endometriosis and has poor egg quality, possibly from being older, like the later 30’s or more and the man has a low sperm count and abnormally formed sperm. This is a highly problematic scenario. Any combination scenarios may play out, either like the example given or different in other ways from this example.

Womb structure problems and other related things, such as endometriosis can be part, or most of a cause of infertility.  Quality of eggs and ovulation problems can be another one of the causes of infertility. Symptoms related to this can range from absent periods up to overly heavy periods, or irregular periods.

» Continue Reading: Causes of infertility

postheadericon How to increase fertility

What a man can do about fertility and using his diet as an ally to make a baby is to eat foods rich in zinc.  Couple of foods rich in zinc is red meat and whole grain cereal. These zinc rich foods help in the quality of sperm. This means the odds of making a baby increase with improved quality of sperm.

Watch your weight. Do not become overweight. If you are overweight, eat nutritious meals at servings recommended by the national food guide. Do not go over those serving amounts. Exercise for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day to work off weight is another great thing to add alongside diet. Go to a dietician if in doubt to get advice tailored to your needs if you are in any doubt about your diet.

Butt out the cigarette. Damage to eggs and sperm can happen when you are smoking. It can be …» Continue Reading: How to increase fertility

postheadericon Fertility supplements

Nowadays, it is very common for men and women to look for solutions that would help them with infertility when they are having problems to conceive. More often than not, they will try to find the best fertility supplements. If you are having this problem, you should know that there is nothing for you to be ashamed of because many couples are experiencing similar problems. Believe it or not, statistics has shown that 17% or 1 out of 6 couples have infertility problems when trying to get pregnant.

But, by using certain vitamins and herbs, both women and men can increase their chances of getting pregnant. The most effective fertility supplements for females are made to treat the development cervical mucus or hormonal imbalances. Herbs like ginseng and gingko biloba are often used for hormone regulation.

Aside from that, these formulas normally contain minerals and vitamins which are vital for the woman’s body to function …» Continue Reading: Fertility supplements

postheadericon Acupuncture for infertility

Acupressure treatment is among the oldest methods for treating infertility. Over the years, experts have discovered that acupuncture could enhance and improve the ovarian and follicular functions, thereby treating infertility problems. It was also discovered that uterus lining or the endometrium could benefit from acupressure since it will increase the blood flow and make the lining much richer. Acupuncture for infertility also has a calming and healing effect on the body because it’s usually carried out at least 3 to 4 months prior to surgical procedures like donor egg transfer or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Since patients will be more relaxed, the end results are always positive after any of these procedures.

The fundamental aspect of acupuncture is the fact that all humans are made of energy, this would mean that there are specific points that will be more receptive to stress than others. When energy cannot flow freely at any time throughout these points, …» Continue Reading: Acupuncture for infertility

postheadericon In vitro fertilization cost

There are several fertility procedures to help persons who are trying to get pregnant, but the most popular one is the in vitro fertilization, also called IVF. This procedure has been quite helpful for couples and individuals all over the world to overcome issues related to infertility and achieve success in their attempts to have a baby. Similar to many other fertility procedures, this treatment could be very expensive and success is not guaranteed for the first time or even any at all. For this reason, if you are uncertain about pregnancy and you are thinking of trying this treatment, then its best to know about in vitro fertilization cost in advance. It’s also important to consult your doctor who can help you to determine if this procedure would be right for you.

Infertility cases have different circumstances and some treatment would be better or worse for some individuals. The IVF procedure will involve the …» Continue Reading: In vitro fertilization cost

postheadericon Sperm donors

In case you have to go through the process of finding sperm donors in order to get pregnant, you need to be prepared as this could become lengthy and time consuming. When you are using a traditional fertility clinic or sperm bank, you will come across many different counselors, doctors and other specialists who will help you to determine the necessary steps to take in order to find a donor who satisfies your personal and health requirements.

A genetics counselor can help you to find sperm donors if you are:

A woman over 35 and a man over 45 Using ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology An individual with a family background of recurrent miscarriage, infant death, birth defects, mental retardation or unique genetic disorders Using fertility treatments to overcome unknown infertility concerns

If you are thinking about ART methods in order to conceive, you can benefit from consultations for genetic preconception. These people are able …» Continue Reading: Sperm donors

postheadericon In vitro fertilization

If you and your partner have been trying without success to conceive, then you might be thinking about infertility treatment. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one most popular procedure, but if you are considering this option it’s important to choose the right clinic. When it comes to choosing one of these clinics, you have to take some factors into consideration to ensure your individual needs will be satisfied. Although some factors depend on personal preference, there are others that would be based on the procedure that is carried out by the clinic as well as their success rate.

Generally, when couples discover that they have fertility problems while they are trying to get pregnant, this turns out be really devastating. The stress of realizing that you aren’t able to have a baby is severe, but you could locate a good fertility clinic which specializes in different techniques, including in vitro fertilization procedures. However, all of …» Continue Reading: In vitro fertilization

postheadericon Ovulation calendar

Do you want to know when its best time of the month to try and get pregnant? Well, an ovulation calendar could help you to figure out the date when you are most likely to ovulate. Nowadays, this has been helping many women who are trying to get pregnant without using drugs or any assisted reproductive procedure.

You can use one of the free ovulation calendars that you can find online or maybe spend a few bucks to get a desktop calculator. Several providers usually charge a fee every month for people to use their calendar, even though the end result will be the same.

Can an ovulation calendar really work?

These calendars work to certain extent, but considering two factors which is the date of your last menstrual period and the average length of your cycle, this will be fairly simple. To ensure that you conceive within the shortest possible time, you should combine …» Continue Reading: Ovulation calendar

postheadericon Increase sperm

When it comes to infertility issues, most people wrongly assume that women are the only ones with this problem. What these people are not aware of would be the fact over 50% of the infertility cases are because of the males. As a result of natural tendencies, men will agonize to some extent about matters relating to their sexuality. Many will view their ability to perform exceptionally well in bed as well as the size of their manhood as a way of measuring virility. Aside from all that, what men might think of as the most degrading and certainly unacceptable will be the possibility of not producing or even worse, male impotence. In case, you suspect that you might have this problem you need to look for options to find out how to increase sperm count when trying to conceive.

The most common reason why men will have fertility problems will be low sperm count. …» Continue Reading: Increase sperm

postheadericon Infertility

In most cases, infertility has been linked to genetic abnormalities for women and men, infectious diseases and hormonal imbalances. As a result, infertility can be defined as the lack of ability to have a baby after trying for over six months with unprotected and regular sexual intercourse. Moreover, infertility also involves the inability to hold a pregnancy until full term, which results in miscarriages.

While infertility cases continue to increase, more research has been carried to identify the cause of the condition. Male and female infertility have been discovered to be mostly a result of physiological factors such as ovulation and hormonal issues, emotional and psychological factors such as stress, worry and pressure as well as environmental factors such as the environment, lifestyle, exposure to toxin and certain food items.

In addition to the genetic and biological irregularities which cause infertility, the following are a few of the top supposedly harmless infertility causes:

Genetically Modified …» Continue Reading: Infertility

postheadericon Trying to conceive

If you’re trying to conceive, then you should take all the necessary steps not to lower your chances. It could be that you need to get pregnant in the fastest possible time. There are certain things that women end up doing mistakenly that could really mess up their chances of having a baby or it could even take them longer than they expect to get pregnant. In this article, you will find several of the mistakes that women make when they are trying to conceive.

First, sexual intercourse will not be timed around ovulation. Most women will just have a lot of sex with the hope that they will get pregnant, but having random intercourse will not cut it. It will be much better to time your intercourse around the ovulation period when you are most fertile. By doing this, you can enhance her chances of becoming pregnant, instead of throwing away a lot of …» Continue Reading: Trying to conceive

postheadericon How dangerous in the radiation coused from explosion at Japanese nuclear plant?

The Japanese government warned its citizens from increased radioactivity. What dose is harmful to health? At what value of the ionizing radiation kills instantly?

Radioactive substances are found in soil, rocks, the atmosphere, but also in the human body. Medicine, research and technology use natural radioactive substances targeted or create it artificially. The unit Sievert measures the radiation exposure of people and takes into account the different biological effectiveness of different types of radiation. 1 Sievert is already a relatively high dose, usually occurring values ??are in the mSv range. For information,  radiation average citizen is exposed to per year, average is 4 mSv. This is where the values ??of natural radiation exposure, which can vary regionally strong, and medicinal values ??together. Also, some occupations with higher doses of ionizing radiation will be charged.

“According to current knowledge there is no lower limit at which a health risk can be ruled out,” say medicinal experts. …» Continue Reading: How dangerous in the radiation coused from explosion at Japanese nuclear plant?

postheadericon Lent

Lent! The crazy days are over – and every year and again in front of many people to give up to Easter in a bad or unhealthy habits or to integrate something positive in their daily lives. Nearly seven weeks abstinence can look very different: the one hand, it is hard to let the beloved chocolate in the cupboard, another must be quite bring myself, from now to take the bike instead of the bus.

But no matter what good intention you have made for lent: With the little things that you consciously transform for a time in your life, you can create the basis for fundamental changes. The longer you practice a new behavior patterns, the more likely this is also a habit – and thus makes it is also even after Easter is no longer so hard to maintain your good intent to continue.

Lent is a tradition of Christianity. 40 days – …» Continue Reading: Lent

postheadericon Acupuncture: An Infertility Treatment

Once you are faced with a health condition, it’s only normal for you to visit the doctor straightaway for you to find a suitable cure. The kind of treatment that may be implemented largely relies on the type of medical intervention applied.  If you happen to go to a professional whose expertise in oriental medicine, he or she may introduce you to somewhat more exotic methods.  These may vary from herbal to homeopathic treatment methods.  Acupuncture can also be applied because this has been many times proven as effective.  As a matter of fact, similar thing has been applied to women who might have issues regarding their reproductive system.

You don’t usually hear of acupuncture side effects.  This is the principal reason why a lot of women would take this as the safest treatment in infertility issues.  However, due to the fact that it is barely practiced in the medical field, acupuncture is still under …» Continue Reading: Acupuncture: An Infertility Treatment

postheadericon Does Pain Relief Justify The Use Of The Opioid, Tramadol?

Residual issues of psuedoaddiction (drug seeking behaviors) stop almost immediately when the pain has been corrected through surgery, therapy, or the blessing of natural healing.

Although not associated with traditional opiate-based medication, at higher dosages Tramadol, can cause a euphoric feeling in the user. As the person gets a higher tolerance, Tramadol may cause tangible addiction – and lead to withdrawal symtoms.

Although opioids seem to be the least addicitive of the opioid pain killers, the most severe withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia, tremors, and headache. Not much when compared to the crippling effects of severe pain.

Patients who are desperate for pain relief may watch the clock until time for their next medication dose and do other things that would normally be considered “drug seeking” behaviors, such as taking medications not prescribed to them, taking illegal drugs, or using deception to get medications.

The conflict between pseudoaddiction and true addiction is …» Continue Reading: Does Pain Relief Justify The Use Of The Opioid, Tramadol?

postheadericon Yeast Infection Treatment: Why You Need To Avoid Antibiotics

Whenever we are first born, our bodies are often very well-balanced. Inside of us, there are numerous different mechanisms that help to keep us safe from anything that might invade our body. For example, yeast is generally present in our body and it does serve a helpful purpose for the most part. It is also kept under control by bacteria that’s present in our body and it is not permitted to grow to the point at which it becomes a yeast infection. If the good bacteria in our body should happen to disappear, they yeast infection would be allowed to flourish and grow. In this article, you’ll be able to know why there’s a need to avoid antibiotics for yeast infection treatment.

Although many of us have a tendency to go to doctors whenever we’re sick, it is unlucky that the doctors do not always do things that are in our best interest. …» Continue Reading: Yeast Infection Treatment: Why You Need To Avoid Antibiotics

postheadericon Lung Cancer Symptoms

Up to one-fourth of all people with lung cancer may have no symptoms when the cancer is diagnosed. These cancers usually are identified incidentally when a chest X – ray is performed for another reason. The majority of people, however, develop symptoms. Most lung tumors are malignant.

This means that they invade and destroy the healthy tissues around them and can spread throughout the body. Sometimes, however, this orderly system is disrupted and cells divide and proliferate in an uncontrolled manner. They form an abnormal mass referred to as a tumor. Although not all tumors are malignant, those that give rise to lung cancer symptoms are. Symptoms include the following: clubbing of fingers, new bone formation, anemia, other effects such muscle weakness, skin rashes, and degeneration of the brain, weight loss, fatigue, low sodium levels.

Remember, this is not a comprehensive list and is only indicative of the many lung cancer symptoms found in …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer Symptoms

postheadericon Lung Cancer Survival Rate

In biostatistics, survival rate is a part of survival analysis, indicating the percentage of people in a study or treatment group who are alive for a given period of time after diagnosis. Survival rates are important for prognosis; for example, whether a type of cancer has a good or bad prognosis can be determined from its survival rate.

One-third of patients with early stages of non-small cell lung cancer could be cured with surgery alone. This percentage is much smaller in patients with early stage small cell cancers — less than five percent. In the majority of patients in whom cure is not possible survival may vary from months to years, depending on the extent of the cancer, the overall condition of the patient, as well as his/her response to treatment and the duration of that response. If the lung cancer is detected before it has had a chance to spread to other organs, and …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer Survival Rate

postheadericon Lung Cancer Stage 4

Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer (metastatic lung cancer) is the most advanced stage of lung cancer. Nearly 40% of people newly diagnosed with lung cancer already have stage 4 disease. Stage 4 lung cancer is not curable, but it is treatable, and many clinical trials are in progress looking at new treatments to improve survival.

Stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy can vary considerably among different people. Some of these variables include: your particular lung cancer type and location, your age, your sex, your general health at the time of diagnosis, how you respond to treatment, other health conditions you may have, complications of lung cancer. The cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver, bones or brain. In addition to variations between different people, it is important to keep in mind that statistics are frequently a few years old. For example, the most recent statistics we have for …» Continue Reading: Lung Cancer Stage 4

postheadericon Allen Carr Stop Smoking

People do styles, trying to be looking smart always. And to do this they add some of the habits which is simple unnecessary. Like here it is the habit of smoking. This is not something new that people should be aware of it now. It actually impresses people from the early days. Again some people also smoke to relive their stresses. But it is not the appropriate method to relive tensions and so it is proved. As the day passed and research go on, everyone come to know that tobacco which actually make feels right to some people, leads to death at an early age by spoiling lungs to the vary liver also. So today a lot of people are trying to save those men and women by doing different activities so that they do not cripple down by this silly but dangerous habit.One of the names among those is Allen Carr who initiates a …» Continue Reading: Allen Carr Stop Smoking

postheadericon Magic Painter Method

Magic Painter Method is a method on spraying your car for less than 200 dollars.

Magic Painter Method – Spray Paint Your Car with a Breeze

Painting a car isn’t as hard as it sounds for the reason that if you’re using the traditional kind of spray, it can be tough. Yet, if you’re using spray painting, it’s much easier if you’re having the right type of tools. That is the reason why it’s important to consider the tools required for spray painting the car and you have to ensure that you are knowledgeable of the proper procedure so you can get the job done right. Fortunately, there’s a solution called Magic Painter Method.

Magic Painter Method will give you the chance to learn the professional way of spray painting a car. If you think it’s not possible, it is never impossible with Magic Painter Method. There are many reasons why it works …» Continue Reading: Magic Painter Method