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Developed by a man who has coached college, NBA, and Olympic athletes the Nobolaron Manual is a jumping exercise that, within three months, can add up to 10 inches to a vertical jump.

What sets the Nobolaron Manual apart from other jumping exercises is how it breaks the vertical jump into nine separate and distinct elements: quickness, strength, balance, fuel, form, flexibility, body composition, neurological recruitment, and hereditary factors. By thoroughly exploring all the aspects of the vertical jump the Nobolaron Manual is able to address every aspect required to leap higher.


While the Nobolaron Manual may initially sound like “get fit quick”hoax, it isn’t. In fact, the Nobolaron Manual even comes with a 60 money back guarantee. If a trainee doesn’t see results within the first 60 days, they are free to return the program and get their full payment back. Because of the Nobolaron Manual’s unique design and deep examination of jumping elements, the program is actually able to produce amazing results within a short time frame.

The program requires discipline and patience in order to work. Aside from having to physically practice the jump, trainees are expected to adhere to a strict diet that promotes muscle growth and helps to reduce possible injuries.


When purchased, the Nobolaron Manual comes with a host of extra features that compliment the program’s diet and exercise routines. Each workout and stretch has a corresponding video to accompany it. These videos depict the exact method for performing each of the exercises. Another nice feature is the program’s inclusion of a contact feature. Trainees have email access to a coach who will answer any questions that they may have about the program. Similarly, the Nobolaron Manual package provides its users with a training forum. On the forum there are interviews with coaches and professional athletes who showcase the program’s true abilities. Lastly, there is an alternative guide included for participants who lack a weight room. This guide makes it possible for those without a gym membership or home weight set to still partake in the program.


The Nobolaron Manual is a perfect program for those looking to improve their vertical jump. By thoroughly exploring and manipulating each of the nine elements that influence jumping height, making the trainee eat an optimal diet, and requiring participants to engage in intense workouts; the Nobolaron Manual is able to produce incredible results within a very short period of time.

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