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TA-65 is an extract of  a dry root called  {astralagus membranaceus} which is a vital part of the immune system. It is known  to decline the amount of natural cell killers after about a few month of use.

It is a Telomerase activator that was founded by a Carlifornia based company known as Geron and it was commisioned by T.A  sciences.

It is a molecule that can activate or hasten enzyme telomerase which can strengthen the  telomeres.

The formation of TA -65 started from tons of some plant materials that were planted from some farms in a locality in the country of China. During the process of the plant extraction, the main astralagus was discovered.

After the extraction, the base product is further refined and purified  and then it is transferred to a place where it will be tested for  pesticides and purity.

After this process, it is then sent to  FDA which is a place that is known for the final stage of production. When sent to FDA, it is tested for the last purification process that ends up to about 98% of clean and pure TA- 65.

The main extract of the product which is Astralagus can be found at your nearby medical store. But such products do not contain TA -65. Therefore, it is necessary you educate yourself about this product before purchasing it.

According to recent medical report, TA 65 have been in use since 2005, without  no reported case of adverse effect. this is truly a remarkable product you must have.

The largest property of TA 65 was found to be cycloastragenol which was known to  activate and strengthen  telomerase in CD8+t lymphocytes in human organ or cells.

According to medical practitioners, Telomerase can increase the risk of cancer because it is a powerful mechanism  that limits the cell movement and  proliferation.

Recently, studies have shown that the activation of telomerase have shown no sign or trace of  cancer promotion or increase.

TA-65 consist of a capsule that contains about  5mg of  TA-65.

Its quality and standard is undisputable.


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